Internet Radio doesn't work...

I just got my Sansa Connect and everything but the Internet radio works.  I can download playlists, and look at Flickr.  Everything except Internet radio works.

I get a variety of connection error messages.  I’ve tried everything in the FAQ and on two different WiFi networks.  But is doens’t work.

Any ideas?

Here’s more information on my problem.

In most cases it tries to connect for a very long time.  I eventually get the “Connection lost.  press >> to retry” message in most cases.   I’ve also gotten error -2552. 

Finally to give you some context, I work for Yahoo and I’m sitting at a Yahoo office, lest you think I’m using some wacky network.  Unfortunately the Launchcast folks are in Southern California.  I can’t just walk over to their cubes.

crazy train

yes it does work <span>**bleep**</span>

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This is interesting since you can download playlists. It implies your WiFi connection is good, although the errors you gave indicate there is a connection issue.

Since your Connect is right out of the box, it should have gotten a firmware update downloaded while you were connected via WiFi. Did you see any messages stating that? If you did, make sure you reboot completely by holding the power button about 8-10 seconds and then powering up again. The current firmware version is ZAP

Also, Yahoo made some station changes recently and your directory might need updating. The typical messages on any stations that were removed should just say either ‘can’t find station’ or ‘can’t find host’. You can try forcing a directory update by going to the Internet Radio menu > select the ‘Options’ button > choose the ‘Refresh All’ option.

Thanks for the reply, however no joy.  I’ve got the firmware version you mention and I’ve rebooted several times.  I refreshed the radio lists per your suggestions.

What happens is that it tries to connect for about 2 to 3 minutes.  Last time I tried I got a “Connect Failed” message.  It seems that in some cases it tries for a very long time and then fails.  In other cases it seems that the WiFi connection times out and the Sansa turns off the radio that results in the connection attempt to fail.

Any other suggestions?  Any other information I can give you?

You can try a firmware reload. Use the recovery tool at

This will reload the latest firmware, but will also reset and erase everything on your Connect.

Yikes!  I may try it.  I’ll want to note down somethings before I do so. 

Any other not so lethal options?  I was wondering if I’ve run into some sort of account limitations.   I use my Yahoo music account on a couple of different players.  I was wondering if this new player pushed me over some limit.

I don’t think you exceeded device limit yet since you can download. Also, I would expect there is nothing blocking the protocols since you can download. That is why I am trying to isolate firmware load out of the problem first.

I also sent you private message in the forum. Did you receive it?

No, how do I see private messages?  Where do I go?

@ddurham wrote:
No, how do I see private messages?  Where do I go?

On the top right, it should say “1 New Message” or something along those lines. Under the advertisement banner.

I ran the device recovery and no change.  I can still do everything except listen to internet radio.  So at this point I’m working from a known good configuration.  Next idea?

And yes I did get your private message.


I sent you a private message with the information you requested.


Problem solved!   Sort of, at least for home.

I am using a D-Link 634M wireless router.  If I enable “gaming mode”  the internet music works.  This apparently relaxes the rules used in packet inspection, and can lower performance.

I’m not happy with this solution.  It appears that the TCP/IP stack being used on the Sansa Connect is out of date, or can’t handle modern stateful packet inspection techniques.

I’m still out of luck at work.  I hope that the support engineers invest the time in tracking down the root cause and update the networking stack.  I’m sure there will be many more like me.  I’m using off the shelf non-exotic equipment.

More potentially useful information.  Apparently the “gaming mode” in the D-Link DI-634M router turns off “symetric NAT” and turn on “full cone NAT”.  This has be implicated in other VOIP issues. 

Seeing as though full code NAT is being superceded by symetric NAT this will become a much larger issue for the Sansa Connect.  Hopefully a firmware update will resolve the issue.