D-Link connection and fireware updates

I’ve been having major problems with my Connect since I upgraded the firmware on my D-Link DIR-655.  I’ve already read and tried to setup the advanced rules for mms with zero luck.  I personally don’t care about the wireless aspects of my player for music but I did enjoy the wireless updates that I saw when I first got it.  Sansa’s site is pretty badly designed and for the life of me I cannot find a download anywhere that will enable me to keep my Connect updated with just the USB cable instead of the wireless connection.  Help?

If you don’t mind having to resync your media:


I see D-Link has a v1.11 now, but nothing new since 1.10 that should change this recommendation.

For Model DIR-655 running firmware v1.05 or v1.10 (or any DIR model firmware that does not have Application Level Gateway Configuration options); Enable the following rule in Advanced>Application Rules.

- Name: MMS

- Trigger: 1755  Traffic Type: both

- Firewall 1024-5000,504  Traffic Type: UDP

- Schedule: Always

I used those exact settings last night when I read about them.  Didn’t do anything at all. 

Did you remember to enable Gaming Mode?

Also, have you double-checked the firewall settings?  I’m not familiar with D-Link’s routers (I’m a Linksys guy myself) but there could be some security options that were turned on that might interfere in some way.

EDIT: Also, this might be more helpful:  http://forums.sandisk.com/sansa/board/message?board.id=connect&message.id=954#M954

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There is no gaming mode on this model D-Link.

Thanks for the link but that’s pretty much what I’ve already done on my router.  I’m giving up on it at this point.

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You can try downgrade to v1.10 which I tesed on. If it doesn’t work then…?