In Windows Explorer, I cannot see MSC, MPT, or music folders

… I added more memory last month but up to now have not tried to drag and drop more music onto my Fuze. When I tried to do so today, I found my Music folder does not show up, and neither do the MSC or MPT folders. I’ve updated to the latest version of firmware, but all I see in Windows Explorer is:

My Computer\Sansa Fuze 4GB

         External uSD Card -when I click on this, nothing is displayed

         Internal Memory

                          DevIcon      Fil File     187 KB

                          DevIcon      Fil File     187 KB

                          FUZPA        BIN File     15 MB 

I’ve gone to Folder Option>View, and ensured that Show hidden files and folders has been enabled. Right clicking on the folders doesn’t doesn’t help.

In the player itself, I click on Music, Folders and see Internal Memory. Clicking Internal Memory brings up Play All, and under that is an MTP folder, with Play All and under that is Albums with all my tunes. On the player, the External uSD card shows up as empty. The good thing is that I can still hear what’s on the player. :slight_smile:

Any advice or insight into this problem would be much appreciated. (I apologize if this question has been asked before - a quick glance at earlier postings did not reveal a similar problem.)


Go to Settings/System Settings/USB mode and change it to MSC. Now what do you see?

I see magic! Well, actually, I see Music, Podcasts and lots of other neat stuff. Thanks so much for your help! :slight_smile:

Very appreciatively,