Fuze only sees and plays songs on external memory folder

I added four more gb of memory to the device; now it only sees / reads what is on the external memory. I have tried to change the system settings > USB mode from MTP to MSC and back again, but in either mode, the device only sees and plays the songs on the external memory. Windows Explorer has been seeing both the internal and external memories, so I know the songs on the internal memory are still there.

Does anyone have any ideas about how to solve this?

Many thanks in advance,


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Hi Tom, and thanks for getting back to me. Sadly, when I removed the external memory card, the internal memory showed only four albums. I changed the USB mode, and the internal memory showed only three albums in both windows explorer on on the device’s “music” menu. I removed the device from the laptop, reinserted the card, got the green “refreshing your media” message, and can see all the albums I loaded on the external memory.

A week ago when I tried to solve this problem on my own, I connected the device to my laptop, went to windows explorer and could see that the internal memory was full; however, explorer did not show the song titles, something it has done in the past.

I am far from home and would dearly love to be able to listen to the over 800 songs I had loaded onto the device’s internal memory, but I think things are not looking good. :frowning:

Any tips?

Thanks in advance for your insight.



. Set the Fuze to MSC mode, then connect to the laptop.

. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the Fuze.

. In Fuze’s root folder, there is a file called MTABLE.SYS. This is the database containing the songs. Delete the file, and the Fuze will rebuild the database.

If it’s a database corruption issue, this should work. If not, then back up the songs however you can, and reformat the Fuze using its internal Format function.

Note: It’s a good idea to use only one mode (preferably MSC if you use drag-drop), as files transferred in one mode can’t be seen by the PC if the Fuze is set in the other mode.

Good luck.