If I press a key, the backlight of my Sansa Fuze switches off


First of all, sorry for my bad English skills!

I have a problem with my Sansa Fuze. It is two months old.

I switch it on, the Sansa starts normally.

If I press any key, the backlight switches off and I can’t see anything for five to ten seconds.

After this time, I can see the screen with minimal brightness again. This happens all the time.

Upgrading the firmware doesn’t help, what should I do?


Sounds like something is shorting out when you press a button. Since it is only 2 months old, I’d suggest that you take it back and exchange it for another one.

I second that motion. It needs to be returned. If the place you bought it from won’t take it back (because it’s 2 months old), then contact SanDisk directly for an RMA# (Returned Merchandise Authorization). :smiley: