Backlight Problem

I’m having a problem with the black light for the screen on my Fuze. When i turn the device on, everything is fine and works well. But when the back light on the screen turns off to save power, it doesn’t come back on. Whats weird is, the first night i got the thing, it was working perfectly. But the next morning it just stopped. Now i know it’s the back light because if you look really hard at the screen you can see the menus and things changing when i press the buttons and move the wheel. It can’t be the battery either because i listened to it for a good hour today and the bar was full (i put it on shuffle before the screen stopped). I downloaded the latest update and everything. Could this be a hardware problem or software? I’m about to send it back but i wanted to make sure its not just me being stupid. I’d really appreciate any help! Happy Holidays.

try reinstall the firmware again and if that doesn’t work call North America Technical Support
1-866-SANDISK (726-3475)
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7am - 1am Eastern Standard Time

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