8gb Fuze is turing off with the backlight

Every time the backlight goes off (I have it set for 5 seconds) my whole Fuze turns off and I have to hold the power slide for 15-20 seconds before it will turn on again.

I have checked and I do not have sleep or anything like that on.

Edit: I just changed the setting for the backlight, turned off my Fuze, turned it back on, changed it back, turned it off and turned it back on and it works now, should I be worried that it might mess up like this again?

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Message Edited by cari0121 on 01-03-2010 10:30 PM

If you’re really worried, update the firmware. Do it manually from the Firmware Update page:


Use 1.02.28 if you have a v1, 2.02. 26 with the v2. Just download it, unzip the file, put the unit in MSC mode and put fuzea.bin into the root directory (the driveletter for Sansa Fuze).

My 8gb Fuze also has this problem. Also has the new firmware 2.20.28A. Goes to blanc screen when set to other than 15 sec.