I think I messed up my sansa clip. Please tell me if I can fix it!!

My computer powered off while I was transferring files. Now my mp3 player isnt even showing up in the device manager. Is there any way to fix this?

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I just tried resetting it, and it did nothing. Right now, it wont even turn on either.

Push the power switch up for 15 seconds.  Then turn it off.  Then set the lock switch, 

press and hold the center button and connect the USB cable to the computer,  forcing MSC mode.

If the player boots up, then format the device from the computer…

unplug the device and see if it powers up.

I would then upgrade the firmware.

Guys, I just have to tell you I feel blessed by having found this board.  The information was AWESOME!!  IDK what happened, all I know is my Media Player page wouldn’t load, had 478 songs on my Clip, plugged it in to charge, came home on my lunch break to get it and not only was  it not charged but it wouldn’t even turn on.  I was soo depressed.  Thanks to the information I found here, My BABY is restored and content still in tact.  God bless you!   I am so happy now

Please tell me how I can update the Firmware.

Um, did you check out the Sansa Clip Firmware Update thread at the top of the forum?  5th thread down.