4 GB Sansa Clip+ Completely stopped working.

Hello. I have a problem with my mp3 player, if anyone can help.

I bought a refurbished, 4GB Sansa Clip+ mp3 player on Amazon.com and when I got the player everything worked fine. I put songs on it, tested it out to see if it worked, and saw that everythign was good. However, when I turned off it off for a while (maybe a couple of hours) and checked it again, it will not turn on at all. Since I had this same problem with my Fuze, I assumed that after a day or two it will work again (which is what happened to my Fuze, I had to wait for a while until it will turn on again). However, it has already been two days and it will not even work in the slightest.

Plugging it into the computer doesn’t work either; there isn’t even a error message, just nothing.

I plan on returning it, but I wanted to first try everything that I could. If anyone knows why it’s acting this way then that will be a great help.

Most times this behavior can be corrected by simply resetting the device. Press _ and hold _ the power button for 20-30 seconds. Release, wait a moment and press it once. It should start up normally.

I can *not* believe this worked, but it did.  I saw it on another forum. 

Attach the USB cable 

Press down the “on” button, and hold it down

while holding the button down, plug toe USB cable into your computer, 

once it’s plugged in, continue to hold the “on” switch down and press and hold the center button down. 

continue to hold both down for 20 seconds, then press down the little button in the upper corner, the one that lights up the display. 

Hold down both the “on” switch and the “display” switch until, hopefully, the player lights up.

Again, I can’t beliseve this bit of voodoo worked - mine was totally dead and nonresponsive. 


Congratulations, and thanks for my day’s chuckle at the gymnastics–at least you didn’t have to put it in a bag and swing it around your head while clucking like a chicken!   :wink:

@tapeworm wrote:

Most times this behavior can be corrected by simply resetting the device. Press _ and hold _ the power button for 20-30 seconds. Release, wait a moment and press it once. It should start up normally.

I can’t even count how many times I’ve tried this, but I’ll try again.

And Smashzen I tried your suggestion but it didn’t work either. :cry:

Thanks for the suggestions anyway.

I have had the sansa clip for a while and love it. Last night I connected it to my computer to charge it. I had to unplug it after about an hour and I tried to get back to the book I was listening to. It froze. Would not go forward (part to part) or play. I could not turn it off. So I plugged it in again and this morning it would go forward and backward but will not play. Any help?

Did you try a reset?

I’m a believer…thank you so much for the tip!

I was almost in tears when my player went DEAD…for no reason it just stopped.  I was ready to throw it!

I goggled my player and it brought me to you…all I did was held the on switch for 20 plus secs…released it…waited a moment and turned it ON!  BAMMMMM she lit up like a Christmas TREE!  lol

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  It WORKED PERFECTLY! 

You will forever be my HERO of MP3 players!



Tapeworm! Thankyou very much for the reset info. I did what you said, Held the power button down for 30 seconds wated a moment and hit the power again and bingo! It works!

In the 4 months I’ve owned my Clip+ is has shutdown completely 4 times and one time locked up in the middle of a track and just displayed the “flower” logo.

The power button reset worked each time.

Thanks, Tapeworm, you saved my bacon! My daughter’s player just went black while charging, and nothing worked. I searched online, found your answer, and it worked like a charm!

Thank you, thank you!! I purchased my device 3 months ago and its the return date has expired. Holding the power button and then plugging in the USB cord worked. I was going to throw it away and thought I would try the internet for a possible solution. Love the fact people actually put the solutions that worked for them on here. Love my little MP3 player and didn’t want to have to purchase another one.

And even better, players in the U.S. _ have a 1-year warranty, in the EU, 2 years _.  If your player has any further problems, SanDisk will replace it within these periods, even paying the postage both ways in the U.S.   :slight_smile: