I think I broke it...

I had my Sansa Clip plugged in via USB to my home theater system and the display showed the picture of the player and the computer and said “Connected”.  It said that for a long time and the home theater system display said “USB connected” but wasn’t playing anything, so I unplugged the Clip from the end of the cable.  Now all it says is “Disconnected” and none of the buttons do anything.  I can’t even power it off!  I think I broke it. 

No, I can’t find the original install disc but I can download it and re-install it if that will help.  I didn’t want to do that in case it will make it worse.


Try a reset of the Clip.

Push the power button up and hold it there until the player turns off. Then push it up and restart as normal.

The Clip does not play through its USB–that is used for charging and transferring files.  To play through a sound system, you would need to connect a patch cord (available all over) between the Clip’s headphone jack and your sound system aux. input jack.