Please help!

Okay, so 3 days ago my Sansa Clip just stopped working, halfway through a song, on at least 70% battery, and I haven’t been able to turn it on since. 

So I thought I’d charge it, so I plugged it onto my computer, yet I wasn’t recgonised, and didn’t charge and it shows up on my computer as an Unknown Device (Not recognised) that has malfunctioned.

And since then I have been trying so hard to get it to atleast connect, I try uninstalling it and reinstalling it in my device manager, forcing into MSC mode (I think that’s the name) by moving the switch on the side down so the orange bit shows, and holding the centre button while it’s being connected, reset it by hold the switch on the side up for 25seconds, yet nothing.

Please can someone help me, I have a 45minute walk to school and without my Gaga and Florence to listen too, it’s awful!:frowning:

Also, 2 or 3 months ago a small crack only slightly bigger than a splinter appeared on my screen, could that be the problem? I thought it wouldn’t have been because it’s been so long since it happened, so surely something would have happened sooner, anyway just a thought.

I doubt that it’s the screen issue, if the player has been working since.

It’s been reported that sometimes a player can be reset by leaving it alone for a few days and letting the battery discharge fully (even if the player is not on and playing–but if you can turn the player on somehow and in some fashion, all the better).  At that point, the player can be restarted again and recharged.  A flip possibility is leaving the player plugged into a charging source for awhile (e.g. overnight) even it appears nothing is happening.

As to the reset, you might try holding the switch up for longer, as long as a minute.

Sorry for these vague suggestions–I don’t know what else to suggest.