I have the Music, Settings, Books, etc, but no fonts anywhere


One day, no fonts. I see the sections/catagory pictures, but no fonts saying music, books, etc. And no fonts for the options either. I can’t see fonts on the subcatagory or sub menus. But the spacing is there. Does anyone have a solution or willing to write down the menu options, so I can navigate thry the menus. I have the clip zip 8gb.


Try manually re-installing the firmware:


It worked thanks. Now problem #2.  Whenever it gets to refresh media, it starts the bar, indicating it’s progressing. Then the bar is full. But the play never changes. I’ve left it like that for hours and it never stops. Sometimes I have to power reset and sometimes it stops. Or plug into a computer and kicks it out of the refresh screen. Any ideas why the refresh never ends.

I’ve checked my mp3’s to make sure they’re not too long or the title has a character the player does not understand. But still don’t know why it doesn’t stop refreshing. Can it be that some mp3’s were recorded sample type(44100 HZ) or format (192 kps CBR)?

Any solutions? And this was also happening before, I just didn’t know what the white screen and indicator bar, was called because I didn’t have the fonts.

Glad to hear re-installing the firmware helped . . . as far as your new problem goes; there’s something in the ID3 tag in one or more of the files that is causing the hang-up. Download MP3Tag, open up your files in the program and you should be able to find the culprit.

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