I have a europe version of the player even thogh i bought it in the USA

AS the title implies i would like t have an america firmware version for multiple reasons

1)I bought it in the US

  1. I would like to have the fm tunner becuas ei listen to the radio alot

It kinda ticks me off that this has happened but from what i have been readin on these fourms is that there interchangable in updating.

I have a e260v2 and would like the newest software (of course) Thanks for the help and good holidays to you!

The interface on the e260v2 does things a little differently than the Fuze (which is essentially the same platform), meaning that the region cannot be changed at will on the device, reenabling the radio.

I thought I’d have a quick shortcut for you, but this will do the same thing:

Download the e200pa.bin file here.  This is the original e200 series v2 firmware, 03.01.16.  Look down the thread linked, and you can choose either the Americas version, or the Europe w/FM version.  Personally, I’d just run with the Americas version, and then if you’re in the EU, simply select the proper region for the FM receiver, US / Europe.

Unzip the 03.01.16 file, and you’ll have the bin file for the Sansa.  You can connect in either MSC or MTP mode, simply drag and drop the file to the root directory of the e200, and it will install automatically upon disconnect.

The FIRST thing it will ask you is language.  Installing the firmware will enable the radio for you.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I did exactly as you said and draged it into the root but it didn’t do anything when the system restarted

if nothing happened you probably loaded the wrong version of firmware. Did you buy this as a refurb? if so this is a pretty common issue. go to settings > info and read the firmware version number. if you have 1.X firmware you have a v1 not a v2 regardless what the back panel says. if this is the case you will need to use the v1 firmware to update.