e260 v2 loss of Volume

Ive a e260 v2 . which ive had since 2009.  I was very pleased with the player

Someone said the other week that  i should Update the Firmware . So i did  download  the  firmware search and it uploaded  it,

Since then the Volume on the player has been so so Low that its barely audible.

Before i could have it on just the First blue  bar and  that was Loud enough . But now  i can hardly hear it at all

I have tried to reset the player back to its factory settings to try to get shot of this Firmware. But i cant  do that for some reason.

I have tried Formating it. But again it will Format But the Volume stays the same

 is there anyway i can delete the Firmware and get my player back to how it was ?

Try setting the region to something other then Europe.  They have laws there that require MP3 players to have a lower volume.  You may have accidentally enabled that when you updated.

ok thanks  for that But can you give me a Hint how to

Change the region settings.  Theres been a million threads explaining how.  Search if you need more instructions.

well ive been looking up n down up n down  the board  all day and not one bit of info i can see  to say how  to turn back  regions

 also what Region to turn back to

I was told on one baord to downlaod  a

SansaUpdate and it will give you a Region  suggestion. But it didnt . Now i have even more crap on my player i dont want.

I need a Link if you have one to get my away from this Firmware Problem or Region Problem. as the more i download less Memorey i have on my player

thank  you for helping

@pokerface wrote:


I was told on one baord to downlaod  a SansaUpdate and it will give you a Region  suggestion. But it didnt . Now i have even more crap on my player i dont want.


Nonsense. A firmware update is not going to add anything to your player that will take up additional memory. There is a reserved partition (and memory space) you cannot even see where these operating files are stored.

I don’t have any of my players in front of me at the moment, but if I recall correctly somewhere in the Settings menu is an option to ‘Reset to Factory Defaults’ or something similar. I believe this is what you need to reset in order to select a ‘region’. Choose either US or Rest Of World to avoid any EU regulated volume cap.

Yes you are Correct  about the setting menu "Reset to Factory Defaults’  Which if you press that as a YES. It doesnt Reset anything. But just takes you back to the setting Menu again

 Cheers for your Help If  you have any more ideas Do let me know

Ahhh . . . it’s all coming back to me now.

It’s been so long since I played with any of my e200 series players, I forgot there is no “Region” setting in the firmware. The newer models like the Fuze, Clip+, etc. have this as there is only one firmware version.

In the e200 series, there are different “regional” firmware versions; one for America (ending in an A), one for Europe w/FM capablilites (suffixed with an F), and one for Europe with no FM (suffixed with an E).

You could manually re-install the firmware. The download links for the different versions complete with installation instructions can be found here . . .BUT . . . in going back to your original problem (low volume), I remember that the EU restriction did not come about until way after the last firmware update for any of the e200 series were released. So resetting your player or installing a different firmware update version will not help you.

What might have happened though is that by updating the firmware, the player reset itself back to Factory Defaults, which includes settiing the Volume setting to Normal. You might have previously had it on High. This is very simple to ‘fix’. Browse through your Settings menu; you should see a “Volume” option. Just set it to high and your volume should be restored. :smiley: