the radio has gone off my sansa fuze


I think I probably know the answer to this but could you say if I’m right please 

my radio has gone of my sansa fuze after the new update I just go the device today I’m thinking the reason is that when you get a lot of songs on the sansa fuze the music starts to mess up but will the radio be coming back with a update in the future as it was a big reason for buying the device and I really like to have the radio 



P.S is the digital radio for USA only as I couldn’t find it for UK

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Did you update with the correct firmware? There are different versions for different geographical locations. The ‘A’ version (for America) has the FM. There is a European version that also has the FM radio in it, labeled ‘F’. The European version W/O the FM is notated with an ‘E’.

You can always manually install one of the others if you accidentally updated the wrong version. Manual instructions are in the post with the link to the .zip files (at the top of the board). :smiley:

yeah you where right got the wrong version it the second one to keep the radio 

thanks loving the sansa better than any Ipod 

Just a note to anyone viewing this thread who might have the same problem as me.  I run linux and also have vista on dual-boot (but I rarely use it).  I ran the firmware updater in vista and it duely updated the firmware to .26F but I had no radio.  I then went to the sticky thread referenced here and downloaded the firmware zip file, then manually put it on to the fuze’s root (under linux, but that shouldn’t make any difference) and then after the update the radio was then working, so if you have no radio after the firmware updater has updated your player, try manually updating the firmware