I cant see the pistures on my ,P3 Player and what is a podcast?

I can put pictures onto my MP3 Player but I cant see them when I open them on the Sansa Fuze. Also, I cant figure out where to put the video, I cant see it on there. And then I have no clue what a podcast is!!! I need help and just mostly with photos showing up and videos.

Did you try searching for ANY of those issues?  These questions have been asked multiple times on these forums.

How are you putting pictures (album art) on your MP3’s?  Do a search for Album Art on these forums and you should get a lot of answers on how to correctly put album art on your files.  You can put the picture in the folder where your songs are located and call the file “Album Art” (i.e. album art.jpb), the Fuze will recognize this and display it.  Or you can add the image to the MP3 tag itself using a program like Windows Media Player.

Or are you just trying to put pictures on the player?   They’re probably not in a correct format that the Fuze recognizes.  Try using the Sansa Media Converter.

You have to use the Sansa Media Converter to put videos on.  Videos need to be converted to a specific file type for the Fuze to recognize.  Use the converter.

Well if you don’t know what a podcast is, then you probably won’t download any…   Let me google that for you.