Hi Guys, just got my fuze today, help with album art and a few other things please.

Hi Guys just got my fuze today and so far so good.

slight problem is that not all of my album art is showing up on the devise, so is, some isn’t… so far i just opened the sanza folder from my computer and dragged a load of album into there from my desktop. Any ideas why some of the art shows up but some doesn’t?

Also is there anything else i should be doing now i own one of these? Is there anything that i am highly reccomened to download. updates etc.

Please school me on this as i have never owned anything like this before.

thanks a lot.

There are  few things that you may want to consider downlaoding, the most important (and most frequently recommended) thing to download is Mp3tag. Then depending on your intended use of the player you may want to consider getting Sansa Media Converter, you will need this if you want to play videos or photos (other than album art) on the player. Definitally make sure you update the firmware. As for album art depending on how your tags are set up there are several ways to do it. Download mp3tag and use it to look at the ones that have working album art, then make sure the ones that dont work are set up the same way.

thanks a lot mate. i have downloaded mp3tag and i am happly using amazon.com to get everything in order with artwork etc! nice one!!!