Sansa Fuze: Easiest Way to Put Audio (not music) and TV shows onto my Sansa Fuze

I got a Sansa Fuze-- my first MP3 player-- so I could put radio and TV shows (not music) onto it. I can’t figure out how to do it. A friend showed me how to do the audio using ITunes, but it takes about 6 steps, including several transfers. Is there an easier way? And some way to get TV shows onto it? I’m not very techonology smart. Thanks in advance, Sue in Ohio

Someone else can offer you video suggestions, but how are you getting the radio shows? As podcasts you download, or some other way?

You need to see what kind of files they are. In Windows, that may mean telling your computer to show you file format extensions.

In XP go to My Computer>Tools>Folder Options>View Tab and look for Hide Extensions of Known File Types and un-check that. 

In Vista, Start / Control Panel / Folder Options / View and do the same.

Then what was Radio1 will be Radio1.mp3 (or some other file type). 

Now look at your audio file. If it’s mp3, life is a breeze. Go to Settings/System Settings on the Fuze and make it MSC. Connect it and drag over the mp3. Put it in the Podcasts folder, make your own Radio Shows folder, anything you want. 

If it’s .wma, .ogg, or .flac same thing.

If it’s m4a, that’s an Apple format for iPods, and you have to convert it. You can do that in iTunes: Highlight the file, right-click, Create MP3 version. Drag that over via MSC. 

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Thanks for your message to help me with my Sansa Fuze.  I don’t have time this evening to try what you’re suggesting, but will try ASAP and let you know how it went.

Sue in Ohio


Thanks for your reply.  This is the first player of any kind I’ve owned, or even touched.  I chose it by reading lots of reviews, and it was highly rated.  Do you understand why they rated it so highly if it’s so hard to put video on?  Just curious.  I feel badly for buying it now.  Bad choice, since I really wanted video to be part of it.


Sue in Ohio

It’s not hard to put video on the fuze but it is hard the first time figuring out a way that works for you.  I’ve had luck with both SMC and video4fuze.  Both software programs are described extensively in the forum.  For DVD’s, I rip with a separate ripper down to something video4fuze will handle. For most other video, I use AnyVideoConverter (free version) to convert to something video4fuze will handle.  I haven’t been able to find a single step ripper but I don’t mind the double conversion.  video4fuze has been a solid performer - all the videos I’ve converted have been playable in the fuze.  SMC has the problem of not keeping audio in sync with video on long videos.


While it’s true that the Fuze isn’t the world’s greatest video player, it’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it. 

The problem is that iTunes was invented to get you to use iPods, so it’s indifferent or hostile to non-Apple brands. That’s why your friend had to show you all those conversions. 

The Fuze has many virtues. It beats iPods in price, sound quality, being able to add storage and extras like FM radio and voice recording.

Let us know what your audio is and we can probably get it onto the Fuze instantly or with one conversion if it’s an Apple format. 

And video, while a little convoluted, does eventually work. 

It’s all about file formats. The Fuze only plays certain file formats, and they have to be re-sized to fit that itty-bitty screen. So getting your video on the Fuze is going to depend on the format of the original video. Same as with the mp3–you have to look at the file extension.

So if you can tell us what file extension your video has–.mp4, .mov, .avi, etc.–someone can give you a step-by-step. 

In the meantime, if you’re one of those people who likes to be prepared, you might as well download Video4Fuze:

and get the free version of Any-Video-Converter:

They’re not as sleek as iTunes to iPod, but they will get the job done. Afterward, you’ll be able to watch videos and also can brag that you’re a computer geek.  

Let’s give it a try within your store’s return window and if it really drives you nuts, you can always go back and get an iPod. 

Black Rectangle,

OK. That’s a deal!  But for now, I’ve worked all day and now I have homework to do for a college class. 

I’ll work on it and get back to you ASAP!

Thanks again,

Sue in Ohio

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The Sansa View has the cool capabilities with video, but its complexity has been problematic in its own way.  I use the Sansa Media Converter routinely to transfer videos to the Fuze and e200, whether the source is a DVD or even YouTube.

Video4Fuze works very well, and is happier with frame rate conversion, plus the audio layer, the timing of which is the heart of the out-of-sync issue sometimes encountered.

You’ll find that the latest revision of the firmware (28) has video bookmarking plus resume, allowing you to zip between videos, or enjoy some musical intermission, then resume playback of your video.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I’m so sorry I haven’t been back.  I’ve had problems with post-surgery symptoms in sync with a new, full-time, stressful job.  So I haven’t done much else.

I did try to do what you had suggested, by my Sansa has stopped recharging.  It won’t do anything, so I can’t try any options you suggested, either.  I’ve only been using it for 4 months, and I know that the battery is not rechargeable.  Is it simply “done?”

To answer your question, I get (used to get) audio on the Sansa Fuze by putting the shows on Itunes and getting them on the “my itunes.”  I then transfer them to the Podcasts window under My Documents.  I them transfer them from there onto the Podcast folder on “My Computer.”  Then from there onto Windows Media, then sync.  You can see that this is very unhandy when I change audio shows every two weeks.

Any ideas on trying to get the thing to work at all now.  The recharger has the little red light on, so it seems to be working fine.

Thanks muchly,

Sue in Ohio

First, the battery should not be dead after 4 months. I’ve had mine for two years and I haven’t even noticed a significant decrease in battery life. 

I hope you’re not trying to charge with an iPod charger. It’s made to electrocute the Sansa, not charge it. How about charging it connected to your computer? 

You do have a one-year warranty, and if the thing is dead you should definitely send it back. Call 1-800-SANDISK and get a Return Authorization number. You might not want to tell them if you were using an iPod charger…

I don’t understand why you were moving the “podcasts” all around your computer. A file is a file, wherever it sits. 

If you put the Fuze in MSC mode (Settings/System Settings/USB mode) you should just be able to connect it and drag-and-drop any file into its Podcasts folder–from My Documents or anywhere else. No Windows Media Player required. 

Regarding the Sansa and recharging:

Remember, the device never really turns “off”, even if it won’t charge.  The processor may simply be “frozen”, needing a soft reset.  Slide the power switch to the ON position, and hold it there for about 20 seconds to restart the device.

When “off”, the Sansa hibernates in a low power mode.  Charging is controlled by the processor; if the device is frozen for any reason, it will not charge, since the microprocessor handles the charging operation.  Try the reset trick.

If the Sansa is plugged in to the USB port on your PC, and it cannot establish communications, the processor halts charging while it tries to communicate.  This isn’t a bad thing, since battery management is critical.  The lithium polymer battery can be damaged if overcharged, so charging is halted.  USB “wall wart” type AC chargers are handy if you only desire to recharge the Sansa, or if a computer is not available, as when traveling.

If your Sansa cannot be accessed from the PC, let us know, and we can troubleshoot that end of the equation further.

Regarding video:

Once you find a method you’re comfortable with, either through Rhapsody, the Sansa Media Converter, or Video4Fuze, video on the Fuze is a snap.  The Sansa requires a specific “container” for the AVI video.  Any of these three methods should work just fine.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Black Rectangle and Neutron Bob,

Great advice!  First, I held the “on” slide to the “on” position for 20 seconds, then plugged the device into the computer—which I hadn’t thought to try before (duh).  And it worked immediately.  I’m recharging it at the computer now, since it was low, and will try the recharger tomorrow. 

And my recharger IS made for the Fuze, not the Ipod.   Glad to know it makes a difference, though.

I’m understanding from both of you now that the Fuze is a great little player, but not for my particular uses.  I didn’t pick up on that in all the reading I did before choosing it.  So…next time I will simply get an Ipod of some kind…AND I’ll get on a forum to ask the right questions, now that I know them.  Until then, I will try the “less steps” methods that have been suggested on this forum and see how I do.

I WILL report back!

Thanks again,

Sue in Ohio

Black Rectangle,

Please see my reply to Neutron_Bob.


Sue in Ohio