I can't be this stupid!!!!

My sansa clip is not being recognized by Rhapsody To go, it’s not listed in the " My Computer" as Sansa- AND it will not charge while connected to the computer. I left it overnight and unplugged it in the morning and it said “LOW BATTERY” and shut off!!! What’s going on? Someone help please. Thanks :slight_smile:

Ok…there are so many possibilities that explain why your device did not work.  First of all, did you have the min requirement (XP SP2 with WMP10 or later).  For Rhapsody to work, you have to have WMP11 and the latest Rhapsody apps to work with Clip so update them.  Second, if your device did not get recognized by the computer, check if you have plugged in the device hard enough so that the cable make the connection properly with the computer.  Third, you might have a bad cable so try other cable, if you have them.  Fourth, try forcing into MSC mode (slide power button back into HOLD and press-n-hold the center button while plug in PC) and then update to the latest firmware to see if it works.  There are so many things on this forum, just search for it and try out different ways to see if it will work for you.  Typically, I suspect WMP11 and Rhapsody are not updated.

Thank you! Once the clip was connected, I changed it to hold and pushed the center button and for some reason, that did it. Thanks again!