How to create playlist?? CAN ANYONE HELP

I have a 4gb sasna fuze and i dont knwo how to create playlist can anyone tell me how to??

use windows media player to create a playlist then sync it to the fuze by draging it to the sync tab

You dont have to use Windows media player, Any program (Not Itunes) with playlist creation should work. On the fuze Internally you have the Go List.

the go list is just a genaric playlist to which you can add individual songs entire albums, and entire artists. To add to the go list press ad hold the select button, or hit the menu button (6 o’clock on the scroll wheel) and scroll down to “add to go list”

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Windows Media Player is a PITA to put it mildly. Download a free copy of Winamp media player and follow the steps in this post to create working playlists.

Easy Peasey-Lemon Sqeezey. :wink:

I have messed around with this and had success with creating playlists on my sansa fuze with windows media player (WMP).  the steps I took are as follows:

1.  I already had all of my mp3 files imported into WMP library so I am assuming that is already done

2.  If you don’t already have a playlist in WMP then you need to create one and add the songs that you want to that playlist (inside the WMP program)

3.  Press the Sync tab in the WMP

4.  Drag the playlist (Not the songs within the playlist - just the name of the playlist itself) into the sync area

5.  Connect your Sansa and press the button (in WMP) to Sync.

6.  WMP will copy the playlist file and any mp3 files (within the playlist) that are not already present on the sansa.  files already present on the sansa are not copied again.

When I dragged the playlist into the sync window, the playlist and all of the songs within that playlist are copied over.  prior to that, I was opening the playlist and dragging all of the individual songs over into the sync window and thus I was not getting the playlist copied to the sansa.

I also had luck with connecting the Sansa and viewing the device in Windows Explorer (on windows XP Home).  You can view the Music directory and highlight the files/folders that you want to use to create a playlist and then right click on that and choose create playlist.  This worked correctly for me as well.

One other thing to note:

I have multiple playlists and when I dragged over a second/third/etc playlist to syncronize, if the songs within the new playlist were already on the sansa, they were not copied again.  WMP syncronized the songs that did not exist yet, but stated “already on device” for the ones that had already been copied onto the sansa - Now it should be noted that I am not using a memory card, so for those of you that are using a memory card results may vary from what I have read on other postings.

One more note:  I have a huge music library and one of the playlists that I attempted to copy over had ~1280 songs in it.  The Sansa Fuze only recognized the first 1000 songs in the playlist, so there is a 1000 song limit to these playlists (.pla files).  I have read on this forum that there may be other playlist formats that may allow us to get around this (.m3u files), but I have not made it that far yet to try this. (And yes I have the latest firmware as of this date)

Windows Media Player can be used to syncronize your music and organize playlists, even though there is a lot of bashing of this program on this forum.