Couple of Questions


I am new to MP3 Player never owned one until now and I have a couple of questions:

  1. I tried to drop a play list created into WM Player 12 into my Fuze without success.  I see individual songs, but not my playlist that I created and named.  I used MTP and MSC.  I can of course create the list through the Fuze, but on the computer would be easer. 

  2. Can I buy an adapter to play the Fuze in my vehicle through the Line in?


Using WiMP 12, try using MTP Mode , Use the Create Playlist button in the upper left, or under the main menu bar (very top), go to File > Create Playlist , or if you’re into old school, click [Ctrl+N].

In MTP mode, simple playlist generation is a key feature of WiMP.  Don’t try to shortcut the process, let WiMP generate the list and make the transfer.  Right clock on the playlist after you build your group of tracks, Select Add To Sync List, or drag the playlist to the Sync pane, after first clicking on the Sync tab at the right.

WiMP 12 will send the completed playlist to the Sansa.

With the Fuze+, incidentally, we have a cool new capability.  You can edit the playlist on the device!  Previous machines only allowed editing the GoList.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Thanks I will try.