quick questions:

this is my first sansa product. i’m enjoying thus far. quick question: can i add a whole album/artist to the GO list, or do i have to do individual songs? if i can do the former, i haven’t figured it out yet. basically, i’d like an easy way to queue-up a few albums or artists at once and just let it go. would i have make upload playlists before hand?

(side question: can i create a playlist other than the go list on the fuze itself? that is, not via WMP or something…) 

no and no

You can only add individual songs to the Go List.

You cannot create a playlist on the device itself in any other way. 

answer for your side question, you can create playlist without wmp. If you connect your device in MTP mode, you can create playlists very easily on your device with a simple right click.

Visit this post I had done earlier about creating plastlists in MTP mode:


 Incidentally enough, you can also create playlists with other media managers like winamp. Save the playlist as m3u and transfer onto device.