Issues Creating Playlists on Fuze

Background:  I am creating unique mp3 and wav files (from Cakewalk Sonar) which I copy to Fuze and play as background accompaniment while I perform (sing and play guitar).  Thus, “artist” and “album” do not apply to my music files and so they are “unknown.” 


Here is what I want to do:  I have around 60 of these files on Fuze.  I would like to create unique “playlists” for different gigs.  For each playlist, I would like to have Fuze play, say, 10 of these files, in a particular order I specify.  I may have several unique play lists. 


When I following established instructions to create a playlist (which involves syncing between WMP and Fuze), this is what happens.  I CAN create a Playlist in Fuze, BUT:  


1) It results in duplicate copies of these files being added to Fuze’s music files memory, rather than Fuze simply making playlists that refer to existing files in Fuze’s memory.  This can really eat up memory. 


2) When I plug in my Fuze to my computer (Windows Vista) and open up the Playlist folder, it is empty, even though I know a playlist exists.


3) I don’t know how to rearrange the files in the playlist in the order I want (other than to rename the files). 


Also, I have no idea what “GoList” under Playlist does.  Perhaps knowing that could help.


Any suggestions?  Thanks.



The GoList is an ‘on-the-fly’ playlist. When a song is playing, you press the down (v) button to bring up a menu. One of the options is “Add to GoList”.

You can also use Winamp to create playlists. I find ti much more co-operative and problem-free than WMP.

Thanks, but will WinAmp allow me to create Playlists on Fuse, in which each playlist is a file that refers to a custom subset of music files which already exist on Fuse, rather than creating duplicate copies of music files on Fuse for each playlist?   


Also, I still don’t understand the purpose of the GoList – once a song is added to the GoList, then what?  Why would you want to have a song on a GoList?  How does this relate to creating playlists? 


Thanks again for any help by anyone.



AFAIK, no duplicates are created when adding songs. Unless they have different information (title/file name).

GoList = Built in (empty) playlist. You add songs inside it without using a computer. Basically, whatever song you have on your Sansa can be added to GoList.  

Might I add a plug for my own Playlist creator? 

You can copy your files over to the Fuze, and then use it to make a playlist. It doesn’t have to use tags to order the files properly, and allows you to re-order the playing sequence before you save the playlist. It can also make playlists that reference files on the micro-sd card too, if you need that functionality. The latest version can be found here:

If you do decide to use it, let me know how you get on.


Thanks Chux.  With your input, I figured out what the GoList is, i.e. a temporary Playlist.  Why didn’t the Fuse instructions say that?  Oh well.  I figured out how to add songs to the GoList by simply clicking the center button when viewing the song list, and it will place songs in the order I want.  The GoList is really all I need to prepare for any particular gig.  Thanks anyway Dunny.


Glad to hear that cleared things up. You are welcome! :wink:

I also have a question that someone might be able to clear up.
I am very particular with what music plays where.
I have placed several albums on my sansa, but when it comes to placing already created files with lets say…60 songs on it, as soon as I go to the albums folder, it has nicely sorted all the songs from that folder into their own seperate folders, based on whatever sansa decides I guess.

How can I place a folder full of songs without using the go-list? This way I can simply just go to my favorite folders and play the whole folder.

Do you have Winamp and are you using MSC mode on your Fuze?

I so, just enque all 60 of the tunes to Winamp then using your mouse, move the files around in the list till you get the play order you want.  Then save the playlist into the same folder with the tunes, then copy the entire folder to the Fuze.