New Fuze Owner - Question About Creating a Playlist

Got my 4GB Fuze yesterday (broken iPod owner) and have loaded the music I want onto the main memory and a 4GB micoSD (8GB on order).

I dropped the music folders/files onto each device (main unit and card) and now want to know how to make playlists.  I tried using WMP11 with no luck.  I tried making the playlist with the Fuze connected and dropping the playlist songs from the files on the Fuze to a new WMP11 playlist then tried syncing the new playlist onto the Fuze but it didn’t work.

Probably something simple, but cannot find a solution so far.  Help appreciated.

i don’t know about the external card but for the main memory if you’re using mpt mode, you can put all the songs you want in your particular playlist in either your music or your playlist folder without using any third party programs… right click on anyone of your songs in the fuze… select create playlist… rename the playlist and drag all the songs into the little playlist that opens up. You can move the order around with the up and down arrows.


If you have the new firmware installed… using either mtp or msc mode you can use the new folder browsing option. Just make a folder for your playlists on your Fuze go to folder on the menu and then browse to it. Easy!

This is a more complex solution, but it may still help.  Make sure you are using MSC mode.  If you have created the playlist in WMP11, click on the playlist name in the pane and click “Save playlist as…” under file types, select .m3u  I recommend that you copy all the songs via drag and drop onto the Fuze with the same folder structure as you use for your computer.  For instance, if it is located in C://Documents and Settings/Owner/My Documents/My Music/Artist/Album/Song.wma  on your Fuze it should be in MUSIC/Artist/Song.wma.  Now right click on the .m3u file (usually saved in My Documents/My Playlists) and open it in word pad now replace “C://Documents and Settings/Owner/My Documents/My Music” simply with MUSIC (using edit->replace).  Drag this m3u list into the external memory file on your Fuze!  It should now appear in playlists, I know this is a bit of a pain, but since I like MSC mode because it looks better for folder browsing, and I have Music that I want in different folders, but the same list (I have 4 lists, Soothing and Upbeat, Upbeat and Rocking, Soothing, Rocking) it makes sense.

Alternately, use MP3Tag direct it to your Fuze and select songs, then clic, make playlist from selected (it is one of the buttons at the top.) and it will make it perfectly!

Best of luck, XC Fan!

Finally got it figured out.  Easy once done properly but not easy in terms of the user manual provided by Sansa. 

I dragged the files I wanted in a playlist into the playlist editor of Winamp then once done saved them to either the root folder of either the SD card or the Fuze.  The playlists show up in the playlist folder on the player.

Forgot to mention I am using MSC.

Might as well add that using MSC the playlists show up in the playlist folder, but you can only make lists from songs in one device or card at a time.  You can’t make a playlist using songs from the device and the SD card together.  So list A made from songs on Fuze built in rom and list B from songs on SD card.

The lists will both be in the playlist folder on the Fuze and look the same.  Lists made from songs on both card and rom only will have the songs from drive the playlist is copied to.