Creating Playlists

I just bought an 8 Gb Fuze.  All of my music (ripped from CDs and downloaded) are saved on an external hard drive.  I am able to easily copy songs from my external hard drive and paste them on to the Fuze using Windows Explorer (or Vista’s version of that)…so easy, I love it.  However, I cannot stand Windows Media Player, which I do not find easy to use or intuitive at all.  Does anyone know of any way to create a playlist on the Fuze without using WMP?

In playing around with the Fuze, I did find that when connected to the computer and using Windows Explorer that if you view the songs on the Fuze in the Music folder, you can right click on the Music folder and select Create Playlist to create a playlist.  However, in doing that, every song on the Fuze is copied into the playlist, even if you highlighted only particular songs in the Music folder before choosing Create Playlist.  And then, the playlist does not show in Windows Explorer, but will appear on the Fuze as “New Playlist” or “Playlist 1”, “Playlist 2”, etc.  There is no functionality for managing the playlists.

I’d appreciate any help!

My simple way to do it is go to DOS of each MP3 folder and type:

DIR /b *.MP3 *.WMA > MyPlayListName.M3U