Playlist creation problems through Windows Explorer

I don’t know if anyone else has addressed this, but here goes: I’ve got the 2GB Black Fuze.  Since the player doesn’t preserve the folder structure for navigation, I’m resorted to making playlists to make navigation easier, since most of my MP3s don’t have tags.  But here’s my problem.  The USB mode for the player is in Auto.  In Windows Explorer (I’ve tried this one two machines, one with XP and one with Vista), Music folder of the player, when I right-click a folder in the Music folder and select “Create playlist,” it creates the playlist and puts it in the Music folder.  I have no problems creating playlists through this method.  However, when I try to access the playlists through the player, the first one I select comes up correctly, but every other playlist I select shows the same songs, as if every playlist were exactly the same.  The only way to get it to show a different playlist is to delete all the playlists from the player and add new ones.  But again I can only access the first playlist I choose.  The playlists show correctly when right-clicking the playlists and selecting properties through Windows Explorer. It happens with the 01.10.11 (stock) and 01.10.15 (newest) firmware.  I have yet to try different methods of creating playlists through other media players, but maybe it’s something in the Windows Explorer playlist creator that the player doesn’t like…  

Sounds like a WinAmp problem

Winamp? I don’t see no stinkin’ Winamp! :smileyvery-happy:

I have the same exact problem and I dont use winamp. I just use windows explorer in MTP mode and I can only make one correct playlist.  All the rest become the same as the first.  If you find a solution please let me know.

Alright I got it. After you create the playlist by right clicking on a folder and selecting create playlist then drag and drop the songs. A green play icon appears right? You have to then drag and drop that playlist icon into the playlist folder in the internal memory of the fuze. So you have to have the internal memory window open at the same time you have the music window (of the internal memory) open to do this. Then drag the green icon you created from the music folder window and drop it into the playlist folder thats in the internal memory window  that you have open. I hope that ends your frustrations like it has mine. If I didnt explain it clear enough then you can write me a private message and i’ll try to help you.