How to attach album art to songs

Hi everyone,

Although I have read the manuals included in this website and ther one which comes with the product itself, I just cannot understand how to add album art (photos) to songs being played. The instructions given aren’t working. I tried to do this through ‘Slideshow Music’ but it won’t work.

Do you have any idea how to solve this problem?

Many thanks, Rotem.

What works for me is the following:

I add a jpg picture called folder.jpg that isn’t too big in pixels (I use 200 x 200 max and that works, might be that slightly bigger works too) and too big in bytes (I use around 10kB max, might be that bigger works too) to the same directory where my MP3 files are located. To resize pictures I use Microsoft Office Picture Manager, and its output so far always works. More sophisticated tools such as Photoshop didn’t work for me (fuze often doesn’t display the picture).

I copy the MP3’s and the folder.jpg to the fuze, and it shows for all MP3’s in the fuze. When browsing through the Albums (not artists or genre though), I see tiny images. When playing a song it shows the folder.jpg that is in the same directory.

Quite possible that other strategies work as well, but haven’t tried it. There seems to be an option with the Tags.



I do it 2 different ways:

  • MediaMonkey. Right click an album. Select TAG FROM AMAZON.COM. It should find your album. Make sure the album art is selected and click TAG.
  • Windows Media Player. Go to options, click the PRIVACY tag. Put a check mark next to “Uopdate music files by retrieving info from the internet”. Leave WMP open and it should start auto-tagging. This does NOT work 100% and does not do everything. For the stuff it misses, go to your library, click ALBUM on the left. See what’s missing. Do a GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH for the album. On the page of results, right click a pic and SAVE PICTURE AS… Save it to your desktop. Drag it to the little CD case icon that should be album art. Size does not matter as WMP resizes the picture for you.

I pretty much let WMP gather all my album art, as my new ripper doesn’t add it. Once WMP adds the art, then I drag and drop away!:wink:

I used to do it like post #2 described.  Basically it works OK but it does get glitchy from time to time.  Plus, if you are adding a song or two from one CD and some from some others (in otherwords, not complete CD’s…) you can’t really have a million folders called “folder.jpg” all over the place. 

The solution is to imbed the art into the mp3 tag.

Use the application called MP3TAG.  Google it and download it.  It’s free and works great.

Select all the files, drag in a jpeg (you can obtain these from Google-Images if you don’t have any already) and then Save the tracks.  It will hold the album art with each song so you don’t need to worry about the external folder anymore.

This is also useful when you make your own compilation “CD/mix” folders for the Fuze.  Dump 50 or 100 tunes in the folder, open in MP3TAG, give all songs the new Mix Album name, new Genre, and auto-number them, give them all the same album art… in an instant.  Very cool.

Also just the ticket for cleaning up files you get elsewhere that are missing titles or have no track numbers, etc.

Hey, Thanks for the info… to anyone seeing this - MP3TAG is really awesome and simple. i googled it and did a simple download and installed it to my desktop… i will tell you how easy this is for the sansa fuze…

  1. first attach the sansa to the computer (no need to open the music files or folders)

  2. open the “mp3tag” desktop icon (there is a step by step instruction in the “help” option but if u don’t understand i will show u how easy this is…)

3)in the “mp3tag” taskbar click on the little yellow folder with a green checkmark on it… it will ask you to choose a folder containing audio files…

4)then click on the “music” folder of your sansa and instantly you will see all the audio files listed on the “mp3tag” in the right side directory. you can then change any info of the song, genre, artist (look at the left side of the “mp3tag’s” window.

  1. go to google pictures and type in the album covers for any artist, ie; “50 Cent”.

6)save the album image to your desktop or create a desktop folder and save the album covers in there.

7)once saved, drag the icon (jpeg) to the bottom left of “mp3tag’s” window (there will be an big empty square with a greyish record in the backround )…

  1. you will now see “50 Cent’s - the massacre” (for example) album cover appear

9)once you have made any changes or corrections or added more info, click on the little blue “diskette” icon on the most left side of the “mp3tag” taskbar (it also appears if you click on “file”) - this saves and finalizes your actions…

  1. mp3tag will then inform u that the status has been updated and saved and “Walla & Presto”!!!

  2. disconnect your sansa fuze and play the song and u will be soooo happy, just like me!!! - You will see the album art!!!

12)if you still need help - contact me -   PEACE and LOVE!!!

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WMP and MM will do the same thing with their tag editors.  They will also semi-automatically download the art with a lot fewer steps than you used here if it’s available from the sites they use.  WMP and MM seem to get it right 6 or 7 times out of 10.

Winamp is pretty good with this (for me).

-Highlight song 

-Right Click

-View file info

-Select Artwork tab

-You may have to delete existing artwork if found unsuitable (Just in case copy paste to your pictures folder) 

-Load artwork

I don’t resize, i think winamp does it for you

I always do this in conjunction with my WMP

I go to the album, Right Click and paste album art in WMP. 

I also always put the picture in the same folder as songs.

Hope that’s helpful. 

For those who are curious, here’s a listing of some cool videosabout the Sansa. 

Of particular note are numbers 3 and 4: adding album art manually.