Fuze Album Art FROM embedded mp3 file Can it be done? Frustrated Grandfather

Good Morning All, I am BRAND SPANKIN NEW to the forum, I have been searching the forums for album art not displaying issues. I just purchased a Fuze for my granddaugher for Christmas. I have played with it a “LITTLE” bit. The album art doesn’t display. I have used Media Monkey for correcting the tags and embedding the album art into the mp3 file. From what I have gathered the file will not display via embedded mp3. Is it possible to extract the embedded artwork from the mp3 or does it need to be downloaded by itself?

Actually if my wife doesn’t get this for me for Christmas, I will go out after Christmas an by myself one. I really like it. I won’t be playing  videos, but pod casts and songs as well as audio books. But I would really like to have the album art display when searching for an album and also when playing the song.

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The album art issue can be solved with a free application, MP3Tag.  Load your music directory into the application, and simply right click on the embedded art that displays.  Export the art as folder.jpg or album art.jpg, and save the result to your Fuze.

Essentially, what you need do is supply a jpg picture in each album folder, and teh Fuze will display the associated art.

I like using MTP mode, as album art generally functions automatically for most transfers.  In MSC mode, where you have a little more direct control, the automatic things aren’t so automatic.

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I did some of the suggested ID tags info before but still could’t get it to work but the following works for me.

I opened Windows Media Player 11, open library, artist folder, click on the album you want, the song list will appear, click find album info, click on the art you want from the new pop up internet window, then click finish. This may change songnames on your list if they are different.

OR, If you are ike me,

Do all of the above  except for find album info, simply copy and paste album art of you choice to all the songs in the WMP11 window next to the song list. I use .jpg’s from Amazon. No resizing necessary.You can highlite all the songs if you want when you copy and paste.

Of course make sure all of the ID tags are correct before you do this. Any misspelling will give you more albums than there really are! Good Luck!


  I had the same problem before, it may be the way you are adding the music files to the fuze. Are you doing the “drag and drop” method via your windows explorer? If you are, then that may the reason why your album art is not showing up ( or 1 album art is showing up for all your various tracks).Sorry, I’m not computer savvy so I can’t really explain the technical jargon of why Windows Explorer (MSC) doesn’t paste on the proper album art to the proper tracks, but in layman’s terms… If you have various different songs with different artists (obviously with their own different album art) all in one folder, then when the folder gets transfered to the fuze, for some reason the windows explorer can only read one album art ( usually from the most recent song added in that folder), and tags that one album art to all the different songs you have in that folder. 

  Solution I found to this windows-brainfart is to “drag and drop” folders only with the same album art ( albums, box-sets, etc.), and when you pull up the songs on the fuze, then all your album art should be displayed correctly. I found that procedure can be tedious and tiresome for someone like me that sorts his music folders by genre’s ( My Alternative Rock folder = 300+ songs, HipHop = 420+ songs), so it’ll take way too long for me to separate those 2 folders alone into dedicated album folders. So an easier way to have correct album art displayed on your fuze would to go MTP mode (windows Media Player). If you don’t have your music you want loaded already in your WMP, then simply right click over the folder in your Windows Explorer and go to " Add to Windows Media Playlist", then open up your WMP (with your Fuze connected to the PC) and it should detect your Fuze already, just click the SYNC tab near the top of the screen and a drop-down menu should pop up, click “Sync Now Playing List to Sansa Fuze”. Windows Media Player always loads up the correct album art to the correct song for me. HTH

embedded album art now seem to work after the latest firmware update

@sansazion wrote:
embedded album art now seem to work after the latest firmware update

Yes, it was one of the fixes in a recent firmware update.

@sansazion wrote:
embedded album art now seem to work after the latest firmware update

I always remove the album art from the tag area and have just discovered the folder.jpg method, love it, much more effcient and flexible.

If you don’t already have the album cover then you can look on the CD Universe web site, the album art they have is 170x170 but it works perfectly with the Fuze. Search by Artist, Album or even song name.

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