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I just bought the sansa fuze mp3 player and I can’t get it to display album art even though WMP 11 shows album art when I rip the music. It just shows a cd case with a musical note. I’ve followed the directions in the pdf file and have been unseccussful. Will the fuze display album art and if so, what am I doing wrong? - thanks!

Check your ID tags.  Fuze only supports up to v2.3.  As well, album images should not be larger than 172x172

Good luck!


Have you checked out the HOW-TO videos? #3 & 4

Also, the subject has been discussed ‘ad nauseum’ here. Just type in album art into the Search box and you’ll get numerous posts on the subject.


I also found that if the album art appears in WMP 11, I can just press prtscr and paste into MS Paint then cut and paste the album art to a new MS Paint and save as a jpg file.

I suppose that would get it done, but it sure is “the long way 'round the barn” if you ask me!

WMP 11 may be different, but in WMP 10 all you have to do is right-click on a song while it is playing & select ‘Get Album Info’. Select the correct album cover from the search results, right-click on the picture & select SAVE AS and name it ‘album art.jpg’ or ‘folder.jpg’ and save it in the ALBUM folder.

I bet that’s my problem: Most of my album covers do not show up. I’m using Mp3tag, which doesn’t restrict the size of cover images. I writes both ID3v1 and ID3v2 (ID3v2.3 UTF-16).

They do usually show up on my wife’s iPod Classic.

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Thanks, I tried that on WMP11 but couldn’t get it to work. Nothing happens when I right click on the album cover I want.

I did some of the suggested ID tags info before but still could’t get it to work but this works for me.

I fianlly got this to work with some of my albums. I opened WMP11, open library, folder, click on the album you want, the song list will appear, click find album info, click on the art you want from the internet window, then click finish.


Do all of the above except for find album info, simply copy and paste album art of you choice to all the songs in the WMP11 window.

Of course make sure all of the ID tags are correct before you do this. Any misspelling will give you more albums than there really are.

Album art won’t show up if the graphic is of the wrong file type OR takes up too much RAM (memory).

This has caused me an ENORMOUS problem: I have over 50,000 MP3’s, and most of them have bad cover art that needs to be replaced. I’ve been working away at this for weeks.

The software used to add cover art can be to blame: MusicMatch Jukebox, which was purchased by Yahoo! or some other group of morons, would save cover art as .BMP files. These are not compressed graphic files, and can be HUGE. A 170x170 pixel .BMP can weigh in at 255Kb. Some of my MP3s had .BMP cover art nearly a full megabyte in size.

File format can be to blame: Some web sites have .GIF and .PNG cover art files, which can be large or incompatible. Better to use .JPG files, which can be compressed to very small sizes.

Copy & paste can be to blame: If you copy an image from a website and paste it directly into your MP3 tagging utility, the image will not likely be compressed. It may be three or four times larger than it should. Instead, save the image to your hard drive as a compressed .JPG. Even if it is an online .JPG image, save it to your hard drive—this compresses the file; add it to your MP3 after saving. I have a file called “folder.jpg” in every album folder on my hard drive. When I do not have an entire album, or album contents are spread across many folders, I’ll save the .JPG to my hard drive, add the image to the appropriate MP3, then overwrite or delete the image later. Once an image is added to an MP3, it becomes part of the MP3 file—you no longer need the original .JPG.

The physical size of the image may be to blame: You do not need 500x500 pixel cover art. No player will display it that size. Try to keep your cover art under 200x200 pixels. A good size is around 170x170 pixels.

Pay attention to what type of file you’re using for cover art and the size in pixels!!!

Use .JPG images under 200x200 pixels—they’ll show up in all your devices and should weigh in at 20Kb or less.

Free software, such as GIMP, will allow you to edit images and save them as .JPGs.

MP3Tag, also free, tells you what type of file you’re using and it’s size. Pretty cool…

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