A definitive thread on getting album art to work on Fuze?

I give up. I’ve searched through this forum high and low and I can’t find a definitive description of how album art works in Fuze. It’s bewildering. :cry:

I have the album art option on, I’ve synched with WiMP, I’ve used MP3Tag to update my MP3 files, but I still can’t get any of it on my Fuze. And what is that hidden file with album art for?

Can someone please post here the step-by-step guide to getting album art to work on Fuze?


In the same directory as your album (MUSIC/artist/album), put the file folder.jpg. Since the Fuze’s screen size is 220x176 and the album art is square, don’t make the image larger than 176x176 pixels. As a matter of fact, if the image is too large, the fuze won’t scale it but will display just a black box. In Linux, run this command on your cover art before copying to the fuze:

convert Cover.jpg -resize 176x176 folder.jpg

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If the player is not reading the embeded album art, you have MP3Tag at your fingertips.  It has a cool album art export feature, I have heard.  Set MP3Tag to export the files as folder.jpg for each album, and the Fuze will be happy.

I have not experimented with it, as my Fuze and v2 are both happy in MTP mode.  For source files, I use rhapsody, which includes album art as a turn-key functionality.

For several albums that I have ripped from CD with WiMP 11, I have manually added the art when the media player fails to port the requisite file.  Album art files are teeny compared to the audio file, about 15KB or so, and they take negligible memory on the device.

Here’s a link to the cool SanDisk tutorial videos on adding album art in either MSC or MTP Mode:  How-To Videos

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