Help with Album Artwork on a Mac

I recently bought my wife a 4GB Fuze, and we really like it.  However, she has a Mac she used (which I admittedly am not to familiar with) and can’t get the album artwork to show.  I have an mp3 and have tried every size of album artwork from 500 to 30 and everything inbetween (currently it is at 120 as I read this is what the Fuze is designed for).  I have checked the ID3 tags with ITunes, and it is there.  The player is also set to MSC (another trick I discovered on these forums).  Does anyone have any ideas on why this is occuring?  Thanks for any help.

If you want to embed the album art within the ID3 tag, you need to use a program like MP3TAG, not iTunes. I think this is a Windows only program, though. But you can also just add an image (.jpg) file to the album folder and name it ‘album art.jpg’ or ‘folder.jg’ (w/o quotes) to get album art to reliably display.

I am having this same problem. So is using the MP3TAG program the only way to add the album art (when you have added your music files from itunes… my mp3 files don’t show up in an artist/album folder)

Is there anyway I can do it with mediamonkey?

Mp3Tag which is not Mac compatable (without bootcamp or something similar) , but Itunes doesnt help either. I have been experimenting with Songbird, but havent tried to sync with it or test the album art. Ill do that tonight and post back.

sansa14 wrote:
Is there anyway I can do it with mediamonkey?

Its a Windows based program but yeah. 

I have a Mac as well and have found a couple of work arounds for album art and synching as well.  I also use iTunes for my music library and ID tag management.

  1.  Download Seashore, an open source (i.e.: free) image editing program and use it to reduce the size of the image file to 170 x 170 (“Scale” function found under the “Image” drop down menu) and make sure you save the file as a JPEG.  Yes, I know that the Sansa can support larger album art but the 170x170 size saves space on your Sansa and is still clear enough to be seen in iTunes and more than sufficient for the Fuze - at least for me anyways.

  2.   I use a little app called “Synch iTunes to Sansa Device” to transfer from iTunes to my Sansa.  Real easy to use and free, even referenced on the Apple app site.

  3.  Since you need to use MSC mode to connect to your Mac, you end up with numerous ghost files when doing the drag and drop of files from the Mac to the Fuze.  These little non-functioning duplicates take up valuable space so I use “KopyMac 3b” to clean those annoying little cling ons out of memory.  You will recognize these ghost files as “duplicates” of existing tracks or the "._ " you will see at the front of the individual track name.

I’d love to use the vide4fuze app, but until someone posts a step by step I am not going to bother fooling with it.  I greatly appreciate the folks who work on these little applications on their own time but when I have to start searching and installing encoders and plugins it becomes more of a hassle.

Best of luck!


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