How can I add album artwork?

I’ve just got an 8gb sansa fuse, and I’ve started putting my music onto it.

Some of the albums display album artwork wheras others do not. I don’t like syncing mp3 players, and I’ve tried including a jpg of the artwork in the folder with the music but it doesnt seem to work.

The strange thing is, some do and I don’t know why

What I want to know is how can I display album artwork with the albums on my player.

Thanks x

(Also, is there any sort of album scroll available)

hey hannah.

i put a small JPEG image named ‘folder.jpg’ in each album’s dir and that works fine for me. i have not gone over 200 x 200 pixels and it has worked fine so far.

browsing by album cover (assumption) is not possible afaik. browsing through your folders can be done in with ‘folder browsing’ available in the latest firmware.

good luck. 

You can imbed album art into each mp3 file itself.  Mp3Tag- free download.  Google it.  Get it.

open the file in Windows Media player 11 or Media monkey will do the trick.

once opened, select Library and then now playing on, and right mouse on the file you want to change, click Advanced tag editor, select Pictures. note if there is a picture already in there and it’s the one you want. click on it and select cover (front) and hit ok. I’ve found the fuze hates pictures that are not set as front,then hit ok and close WMP11 and it should now work. remember not to use pictures that are bmps. alwasy use jpg pictures.

should alwasy work if you do that.

Mp3Tag is a good idea but I just wanted to show you how to do this with software you already may have. You could also do it in Itunes if you had that.

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