How do I get album art to show in Sansa Fuze player?

Yesterday I synced my whole music library using windows media player 11 then while listening to the songs on it I noticed that alot of the albums didn’t have the art cover :dizzy_face:  in my fuze and was wondering if anyone can help me on this plz :wink: would appreciate it alot.

the folder that contains your songs must have a jpeg (or BMP i think) with the file name folder.jpg. the jpeg can be any image of course, but I think you might want the album cover itself! if it does not display properly try reducing the size (resolution) of the image. typically the jpeg filesize is 16k in size. you can include a second image (whose filename escapes me currently) which I think displays when selecting the album from your list, and the former image is dispalyed while the songs in your fiolder are playing. difference is the resolution of the images (which is the same image); the one when selecting the album to play is smaller. good luck. will report back here tomorrow with the name of the filename of this second image if someone here does not beat me to it.

Well thank you noki for helping me out here I did some more forum searching and figured out that all that had to be done was to copy a image from a site then paste it to the desktop, rename it as “Album Art” and paste again within the album folder :smileyvery-happy:

that’s the other name of the file…album art.jpg. you’re welcome Fishy.