Album art

Question, how do you get the album art to appear when the song is being played?  I changed the setting to include the album art however it still doesn’t appear.  Any help would be appreciated. 



There’s a couple different ways. You can embed the image into the ID3 tag of each song with a program like MP3Tag, but I simply add the cover image into the album folder and name it ‘album art.jpg’. You can also use ‘folder.jpg’. Use a plain ol’ generic .jpg image, no progessive jpgs, gif’s or bmps. You can Google for them; just type in the artist’s name folowed by the album name. Pick one around 200 x 200 or 300 x 300 pixel size; there’s no need for anything larger.

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You didn’t mention your player but it has to be the fuze.  Try posting your question in the fuze board.  It’ll be seen by more people who can help.

Sorrry I forgot to mention that it is a Sansa View 16G.

Check out the “How-To” videos on this page (#3 or #4) produced by SanDisk. Goes through the procedure step-by-step.

Thanks for the help I will try it this weekend