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I have searched for this answer, but haven’t come across it yet.

If Rapsody or MMP11 displays album art for the song selected, why doesn’t it display on the fuze?  I have some songs I downloaded, some were ripped.  Some of the ripped were older CD’s that didn’t pick up the AA.  I searched Amazon, found the album art, cut and pasted into MP3tag.  It shows up on Rapsody and WMP11, but some won’t show on the fuze.  I have tried opening the Fuze drive file and imbeding the AA on the Album window and sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t.

Is there an easy, surefire way to note the AA not showing on the Fuze and fix it while on the Fuze without deleting the songs and transferring them again?


The best method, hands-down, is to use MP3Tag, a handy utility, to either embed the album art into the tag, or have it export the album art to a file named album art.jpg or folder.jpg.  The Fuze is happy with either filename.

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I have used MP3tag and it is handy, but when I copy AA’s from the web such as Amazon, it will show up in Rhapsody and or WMP11, but not on the Fuze.  I would think that MP3tag compresses the AA to 120x120 for the Fuze, but I still don’t see it.  Also, MP3tag doesn’t see the Fuze or do I have to put it on MTP for it to see it?  If so, then can I edit AA info for MP3’s already on the Fuze?  Does the AA reside on the Album File window or the window that displays the MP3 music files?  

MP3tag only see files loaded on MSC (Music).  Most of my files are in MTP, which I can’t get MP3tag to see.

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Sorry, I hit accepted solution in error.  Most of my files are unter MTP, not MSC so MP3tag doesn’t see them.


I see your issue.  Normally, running in MTP mode, your album art will automatically be loaded to the Albums folder, with a link between the album art file and the individual music files.  MP3Tag can repair your album art, both embedding the art, and exporting a handy album art.jpg or folder.jpg labeled file for you. 

I have found that the safest method of repair in MTP is to modify the information on the host PC first, retransferring the music file, then allowing the Fuze to do a database refresh.  This is good for embedding the album art if desired.

As long as the art is 300x300 (very commonly available image size, as you’ll find), the Fuze will automatically handle the requisite resizing to its wee 120x120 size.  I have settled upon this size for good resolution.  The e200v2 displays album art considerably larger, and the current size selection works beautifully with both devices from the same library.

You can open the Sansa in Windows Explorer, then navigate to the proper memory (internal or external), opening the Albums folder.  The jpg file from the MP3tag application is simply dragged and dropped to the correct album folder.

As a footnote, as the firmware development halted just shy of the goalpost on the e200 by a mere yard, one must set the attributes of the jpg file to “hidden” only during the initial transfer, or the Sansa will plop a reference to the file into the Photos folder, making album art mirror in the Photos mode.  After the database refresh, you can set the attributes back to normal.  Bizarre bug, but I live with it.  This issue was fixed for the Fuze.

Rhapsody doesn’t always transfer the album art correctly, a sporadic bug.  This can happen either with a ToGo transfer from the server as secure WMA, or sometimes with CD rips using the R4 client (the encoder sounds pretty clean), despite the requisite art showing within the client.  Go figure.  I love MP3Tag, it makes repairs so very simple.

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Thanks for the reply.  I am glad to see they have another post going on this same issue.  If most of my mp3’s are loaded using Rhapsody and MTP and MP3tag can’t see the Fuze therefore I can’t alter the files using MP3tag and put them on the Fuze.  That is the problem.   

Rhapsody sees the mp3’s, but trying different ways to add the AA’s, such as cut and past, using Windows to add to the album files etc just is too random, but mostly it just doesn’t work.  Also…I know some AA’s are visable on the Fuze, but Rhapsody can’t see them through MTP.  I also think the opposite is true.  This just adds to keeping up with what is where. 
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