How I solved my problem with e260

Hi All…

Finally figured out whyy my player , wouldn 't play anything , let alone be recognized by my comp…Looked thru as many forum’s within an 8 hr period, all had different way’s to fix problem, and yet nothing would work to my satisfaction…So what i did, was try to piece anything that might have worked on other player’s and came up with my own solution…I hope it works out for anyone trying to figure out their e260…Well, here it goes… 1 - went to setting in e260 player to format drive…2 - connected sansa e260 player to a Vista O.S. to get any kind of drivers for this player, because i didn 't recieve an installation cd and my own XP comp couldn 't give it  one for some reason…3 - downloaded “sansa updater” and “sansa connect device recovery” from this site … and then installed both on my own computer, which is an XP  operating system…oh yea, plz , just leave them be, don 't open them up…soon they will, without your help, at least not much3 - then i downloaded “WMP11” from microsoft web site…and installed it, nothing more…Now here’s the good part, i opened windows media player 11, and plugged in my e260 to comp, and thats when i smiled…after that, just follow directions and click away…The darn thing is alive…:))…  I’am listening to my new sansa e260 with over 3gb’s of music…i hope this helps out…TC ALL…mal :))

P.S…Plz don 't use the O.S. FORMAT IN COMP, use the sansa e260 setting to format drive, if you already have music and other data in e260, then by all means , skip this part about the formatting… I hope it works out for you…TC…mal

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Really the only important step that you made was to update to WMP11. If you didn’t have 10 or 11 the e260 would not install correctly.  The Sansa firmware updater is good to have in order to keep your sansa running with the latest firmware, however the Sansa connect device recovery is only for the Sansa Connect Mp3 player.

Formatting through the OS doesn’t cause any issue so there’s no problem with doing that.