How do I use the PLAYLIST function on the c250?

Thats pretty much the whole question, .i.e., upload playlists and songs and access the playlist.  I want to upload songs and a playlist of them and run the playlist on the c250.  Or is it just for the “golist”?


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We have several videos on how to create a playlist and transfer them.  They can be found here
look for Windows Media Player… Adding a playlist to your Sansa MP3 player in MTP mode using Windows Media Player

Hi.  Thanks for the pointer.  I watched the video, but I still have some questions.  First of all, does WMP = MTS mode?  2nd, does the operation in the video put the actual playlist file on the Sansa c250 in the “Playlists” folder?  3.  If 2 is true, and some or all files in the playlist are already on the sansa, does the playlist still get put where it can be accessed by the Sansa “Playlist” function?


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WMP can use eithier MTP or MSC… But to use to playlist function you need to be in MTP/Auto Detect mode.

Once verifying that that mode is what the player is on, and the computer sees it this way, you can transfer the playlist and have it accessed on the playeritself under the Play>Playlist function.

  1. it puts a playlist file on the player itself, yes. But if you want to edit it, you will have to do so on the computer itself. Keeping the playlist the same as the original one and re-transfering the playlist.

If your files are already on the player, it makes this process a lot quicker.

I recently bought the C250 player and having problems syncing multiple playlists using Media Player 10. Whenever I try to sync a new playlist the earlier one gets overwritten. I have tried syncing multiple playlists at a time and it still won’t work. Is there a limit on the number of playlists that can be made on the sansa C250?

update your windows media player to version 11

I just got my c250 yesterday.   I want to delete a playlist from my player.  I read the user guide on deleting files and it says to delete the file using My Computer.  I see all the songs there but the playlists that I imported are not there.  I’m using Media Monkey because that’s what I use with another (different brand) player I have.  Any suggestions?

Also, not playlist related, but what’s the actual capacity on the c250?  I thought I had 145 MB left on mine, and I added a number of songs, then disconnected to check System Info to see if the player was about full.  It still said 145 MB and it appears none of the songs have been added.


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I am having the same problem.  I cannot upload the playlist to the sansa…it acts like it is completed, but when I go to check the playlist on the sansa, it is not there.  BTW I am using Rhapsody.  Any suggestions?

Sorry I am unable to help you.


Another odd thing I’ve noticed on playlists:  I can’t have the same song on more than one playlist.  I have a large number of playlists that I’ve created for certain situations and moods.  There a few songs that are on several different playlists.  I find that if I load it on one list, the song disappears on the player on any other lists.  This is very irritating.  Does anyone know a way around this? 

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The link to Sansa Firmware Updater can be found Here

This is responding to “what’s the actual capacity on the c250?”

When I have mine plugged into Windows Media Player and it’s empty, I have 1.8 GB.  The other 0.2 is for firmware and stuff.

Also, the size you have left is an estimated size I believe, and sometimes after adding stuff, it hasn’t made enough of a difference or the files were small enough that it didn’t show the size change.  As long as the songs show up on you player, that’s all you need to worry about.

Also, about the playlist function. . .this took me a while to figure out, but on WMP 11 I just put the songs I wanted into a playlist, then I dragged the whole list (by clicking on the icon for the list, not all the songs in the list) and brought it to the sync tab.  This has worked for me.  But I have the same trouble with it overwriting lists, and a lot of times it’ll put the same song on it twice.

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