C250 playlist not transferring

My wife’s C250 used to transfer the playlist and the songs when she first got it. Then she downloaded some songs from URGE during a two week trial period. After the trial she was not always seeing the songs on WMP when the c250 was connected to the computer even though she could see the songs on the c250 itself. The SanDisk help desk had her reformat the MP3. Now she when she transfers a playlist she only gets the songs, i.e. the playlist name does not show up on her c250. Can you help?

are you sure the player is in MTP mode when you she does it? You can check by going to settings>usb mode on the player itself.

The MSC mode was checked. I switched it to the AutoDetect mode. Is this correct?

yup, wmp cant sync a playlist in msc mode.

Thanks for the help. That did the trick!!