Writing Issues

    Hopefully somebody can help me with this.  I’ve got a playlist in Windows Media.  When I plug my c250, the computer detects it properly.  When I hit the copy button in Media player, it indicates when each song is copying, and when it’s completed copying the songs show up on the device side of the copy screen.  It also says on the c250 that it’s writing.  Then when I disconnect from the computer, there is nothing on the device.  Has this happened to anyone else?  The songs are saved in mp3 format so I can’t figure it out.

what if you just drag and drop your songs through windows media player, does the same thing happen?

    It won’t let me drag from the playlist and drop to the device in media player or through explorer.

i apologize, i meant the mp3’s in general. Do your mp3s work fine without a problem?

Is the player in MTP mode?

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