Can't sync c250 anymore

I got my mp3 player back in January and haven’t had any problems with it.  Then, one day, I plugged it into my friend’s computer and put some of his iTunes stuff on there, and it worked just fine.  But then problems started happening.  Songs that I had put on there wouldn’t show up, things like that.  But it wasn’t that big of a deal.  But now, something really bad is happening.  I can delete songs just fine, but my computer won’t let me add anything else.  I use Windows Media Player, and when I try to sync a song, it gives the a message with something about “cannot find device’s certificate”.  I get a similar message from RealPlayer and from this audiobook software called Overdrive Media Console.  What’s wrong with my player and how can I fix it?


Try formatting the c200 in Windows Media Player, this should resolve your issue with the device certificate. Please watch the following How-To Video on how to format in WMP.

How to format in WMP10

How to format in WMP11

Once formatted, try resyncing with your software and it should go over just fine.

I ended up just contacting a SanDisk tech support guy via email, and he told me the same thing, but it didn’t work and the computer still says that the device certificate is missing.  So they had me send it back and they’re going to replace it for me.  Yay!  Only, I sent mine back on Friday the 10th, and it apparently hasn’t arrived yet because my eBox still says ‘pending return’.  This makes me very nervous. . .

Try Winamp or MediaMonkey.

I’ve never even heard of those, and my dad won’t let me download anything from the Internet. . .but, I did get my replacement mp3 player, and it’s working just fine.  The only problem is, the colors are all screwed up.  I was reading somebody else’s post about them hardly being able to see the words and stuff, and I can see the words, just not the highlighter, so I just have to guess where it is.  If I hold it upside down and tilt it away from me a bit, but not quite to the point where the screen looks a different color, then it looks like it should.  But that’s okay, I can get used to that, as long as it works.  :slight_smile:

IsisMollyO, have you tried adjusting the brightness setting? If you can maybe set it darker, you might be able to see the highlighter.

Yeah, I’ve done that, and it does help some–thanks though.  Does yours do that too?  I think that in future models, you should be able to adjust the contrast.  That’d help problems like that.

Well, I have a c240, so it’s slightly different?? Anyway, I have not encountered that problem. But it’s still better than not working at all, right? Mine, I think, is beyond repair. I have gone to technical support and they have a hard time understanding the cause of this problem lol.

What’s wrong with it?

Everything is sooo wrong with it that I don’t bother touching it ever again lol. It plays songs as if they are played at a concert without all the screaming. I can hear the music loud and clear, but not the singer’s voice. Before, I barely hear the lyrics, but I can still hear what the person is singing. Now the lyrics are all garbled up. Also, the reaction of the mp3 player is slower too. Besides that, once a song, wait not one, but two songs started screeching after it started. But I guess that was temporary. I waited after a while and went back to it to see if it still screeches. Thank god it didn’t. I’ve done everything I can possibly do with it: format, reset,update, etc. I’m literally done with my mp3 player. I don’t want to experience another screeching ever again! Gosh my eardrums still hurt from that.

What bitrate are the songs?  What do you have the EQ set on?

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Do you mean mine? they kinda vary, between 128 and 192. I don’t know what or where EQ is.

You know, everytime I come back to this website, I see all sorts of problems.  Cheap technology (yes, $100, though expensive, is cheap compared to like Zune and iPod and stuff) is always going to be buggy, and the only thing to do is to get a more expensive player.  Companies probably put a lot more energy into making these right than to making the cheap ones work well.  I can deal with the problems on mine, so long as I can have some music.  But it does have its own share of problems, besides just the screen brightness.  It skips songs a lot, like it’ll start playing it and then suddenly go to the next one without warning, and it switched around a lot of songs with their labels (like “Complicated” by Avril Lavine is now “The Entertainer” by Scott Jopin" ), but that could just have something to do with the program I was using, Real Player 10.  I’ll just use WMP as much as  I can when I don’t need to put AAC song types on there.  Yes, it does support those, even though it doesn’t say it does!  You just have to use Real Player because WMP won’t support those.  They’re from iTunes.

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EQ is the equalizer settings.  Go to Settings, scroll down to Equalizer, and there’s choices like Rock and Pop and Custom and stuff. 

Question for moderator: does the EQ setting have something to do with song space?  I have mine on Custom.  Will that lessen my song space?

lol Well have you talked with sandisk technical support about the problems with your mp3 player? I spent soooo many days talking with them before they finally announced my mp3 player was defective LOL. They said they would replace it… I hope they would replace it. Gosh you’re right. Companies don’t try to put their money into making the older versions work well, only into making newer versions. But I won’t blame too much on them anyway because that is their only way to survive. If they don’t improve upon their own inventions, other companies will easily surpass them.

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Yeah, you’re absolutely right.  I didn’t want to do through the whole process of formatting it and downloading new firmware and whatever like I did on my other one, only to have it not work and then they have to send me another new one.  Mine works, and that’s all I really care about.  It doesn’t skip songs that much, and I can live with the screen.  It’s what I get for plugging my old one into a Mac and trying to put iTunes stuff on it.  I thnk that’s why it got messed up, because the songs went on there just fine, but then they wouldn’t show up on my computer, so I could never delete them (which was fine with me, because I liked all the stuff I put on there) but I was sort of concerned about that.  The whole ‘missing device certificate’ thing was probably because I did that.  Oh, well, we learn from our mistakes.  See, I was going to put all those songs onto my jumpdrive first, then take them home, but my jumpdrive was acting weird and saying that it was full or something, which it wasn’t because I’d just emptied it that morning in preparation of putting a whole bunch of songs on it. So who knows what the heck was wrong.