C250 Playlist Question [Numero Uno r.e playlist(s)]...

Sansa Users.

Just bought a new Sansa C250 MP3 player and it plays my songs fine as expected, however I am expecting the capability to play “multiple” playlists on the player since the menu supposedly presents the option to select more than the “GoList” playlist [i.e. plural …playlist(s)].

However, when using Microsoft Media Player 11, I create a new playlist and after syncing the player it will not recognize the new playlist and only shows the default “GoList” as being available.

I have tried many ways to do this and used the Sansa website explanation of how to create a playlist, but still no luck at having multiple playlists.

Also one other side question, when I drag/drop a folder from the hard disk into the Sansa, Media Player sees the folder on the Sansa but the Sansa doesn’t see it - anyone know why that might be?

Any clues user dudes/dudettes?

Thanks in advance.

Mr. EasyGlide…

have you seen the vidoes HERE?

Yes I did review the video that Sansa has on the website regarding “adding a playlist using Windows Media Player”, but when I follow those directions to a tee, the playlist does show up find in Media Player; however after sync’ing Media Player with the Sansa player, the newly created playlist is not available and does not show up in the playlists menu - all I have ever seen is the “Golist” as being available.  After all, since the menu item is listed as “playlists” (plural), it implies that more than one playlist should be able to exist…

Any idea as to why I can’t add (and then see) more than one (Golist) playlist?

Does your Sansa show more than just the Golist playlist?

Thanks (still scratching my head on this one).

i get playlist on mine just fine, is your player detected in MTP mode?