How do I restore System Settings?

I went through the Settings menu and clicked on all the right options but nothing happened. I’m trying to get the audible books off my SanDisk. Ever since I added them the SanDisk stopped recognizing my 64 GB SD card I formatted. Before then it worked perfect with no problem. So i thought restoring the MP3 Player to factory settings would allow me to use my SD Card again but I can’t get it to restore.

Thanks guys!

Settings/System Settings/Format should wipe the memory. Factory Settings just sets the settings (Backlight, etc.) to defaults.

The Clip+ was made before there were 64GB cards. it just may be too big for the Clip+  to handle.

You can try formatting it from a Windows computer and then putting it in the Clip+ to format again…but it may just be too big.

If you’re going to use a 64GB card, you must re-format it to FAT32. The default format of exFAT (SDXC) is not supported (or recognized) by the player.

Hi Maurice, how did this go for you? I was just wondering if you could post the steps that you made here so other users might be able to use it as a guide as well. 

Please see Black Rectangle’s instructions above (apart from the info. concerning using a 64GB microSD card on the Clips–they work, as long as formatted to FAT32, as Tapeworm notes).