Can't Use External SanDisk 16 GB Card

I Just bought the Sansa Clip+ player.  In the internal 8 GB memory Media Folder > Music subfolder,  I added music album subfolders of about 800 mp3 files using drag/drop or copy/paste. These play fine - no problems at all. 

I also bought a 16 GB SanDisk MicroSD card. After putting this card in the slot, the player under settings>Info recognizes the card.  The firmware is updated to the latest version. The Player established Data and Media folders on this external card. Subfolders under the Media folder are AUDIOBOOKS, MISC, and PODCAST. There is no Music subfolder, and I can’t establish one. Nor can I drag/drop or copy/paste folders or files to this external card.  Apparently I can’t write to it at all.

So how do I access this external card?  If the SanDisk card was shipped write protected, how to I unwrite protect? Is there some player setting I’m not aware of?  Any Help would sure be appreciated.

Format the card through your computer.  Format it as FAT32 and with the Quick Format option unchecked.  Unplug the Clip+ and let it refresh the database.   This will wipe the card clean of all data and any leftover data that may be causing this issue.  The Clip+ as it’s refreshing the database will add the needed folders onto the card.

Is this a new card or a used one?  And, if used, did you buy it from a site like eBay?

Are you sure the card is not counterfiet? There’s an awful lot of them floating around.

Sorry I didn’t reply earlier - apparently there are two Sansa Clip+ forums  - one at and another at (??).  I ended up at the other forum, wondering where my topic went…

I thought about formatting the 16GB SanDisk microSD card I bought from Amazon (so it’s probably legit) but wanted to get feedback here first.  I figured that you’all either say do it or don’t for this problem.

All I did was connect the Sansa Clip+ player to the WinXP OS computer, navigate to the external Sansa Clip card, right-click, select Format, respond yes I do want to delete all data, and it sat there about 30 seconds before coming back saying formatting complete. It was obviuosly a “quick format.” 

I then disconnected the player, went to my extensive mp3 music collection, made a new folder named “Music”, copied about 60 subfolders of various music albums (about 600 tracks) to this new “Music” folder.  Then I connected the player again to the computer, navigated to the external card, and noticed the AUDIOBOOKS, MISC, and PODCAST subfolders under the Media folder were no longer there.  So I then sucessfully copy/pasted my new Music folder from the computer to the Media folder of the external card. Finally I disconnected the player, turned it on, went to Music > Play All, and everything now seems to be there and work.  Player says I have 1,400 tracks (800 internal plus 600 external) and under player info, the memory usage for both the internal and external locations seem correct.

So, Thanks for your help.  I plan to use this player in my car (Honda Element), on shuffle mode, to replace that iPod Nano that was just a pain in the ass to use and load music on.  The Sansa Clip actually clips right nicely on the air vent above the car radio, something the iPad Nano couldn’t do.

Glad to hear that your card is working fine.  The clip+ is a great little player.  Formatting can fix alot of problems, even the player freezing, although, it’s usually the last resort.

A number of people posting here on the forum, with problems writing to their cards or posting that their player wouldn’t recognize the card, have discovered that the new/used card they purchased was indeed a fake.  A very authentic looking 16gb card.  Usually, the seller is one from China.  So buyer beware.

One last thing, those folders named Audiobooks, Misc. and Podcast will always be recreated after a format or if you try to delete them.  Just something the player has to do.