How do I make it work with Windows Vista?

Hi all-
I have had an m240 for the last year or so.  Up until about a week ago, I was using it with my ancient Windows ME computer.  The computer was so old I was unable to run the included software, so it only recognized the MP3 player as an external drive, not a media player.  This worked OK, but it would not allow me to play DRM-protected files on the player. 

Last week, I got a new computer with Windows Vista.  I tried to install the Sansa software on my new computer, but it told me that I needed to have Windows XP.  Consequently, I am still using my MP3 player like an external/jump drive.

Are there special drivers I can install that will allow me to use my MP3 player properly with my Windows Vista machine?  Or is there something that needs to be changed with the player itself?  Or am I just out of luck? 

Thanks in advance for any help. 

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Which software did you install onto your Vista machine?

I haven’t yet installed any software, since I was unable to use the disc that came with the player.  Is there software I should download? 

you shouldnt need any software, the mp3 player is plug and play. If you go to settings on hte player itself and then to usb mode and change it to MSC, does your computer detect it then?

If it does I would just use it from here, unless you plan on using subscription software like rhapsody or napster. Then you need MTP mode.

It *detects* it just fine-- I already said that it reads it as a jump drive or portable drive.  What I am wondering is if I need to download something or change a setting in order to use it with DRMed music, since it won’t recognize that I have the rights to play the DRMed songs.

DRM music can only go on the player in MTP AKA Auto Detect Mode… Your still having issues after being in Auto Detect?