m240 and Vista!!

Hello, I recently got a new computer with Windows Vista. My old computer with XP doesn’t work anymore. I tried to install my MP3 Player with the installation disc, but it said I needed Windows XP with a Service Pak 1. What can be done, or downloaded? Please help.

Really need help you guys!!!

The player is Plug and Play so the CD is not needed.

According to my computer it is.

So is it working then?

No, I says i have to have XP with Service Pak 1

Do not worry about that CD.  Just plug in the MP3 player.

Edit: Windows Vista has the stuff need to run that MP3 player without that CD.

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You are wrong. I have a Sansa m250. I plug it in my Vista laptop and it said the downloar for the device failed. I cannot use it. I also tried the disk. I would like to just use it as I did on my XP.

he is right about the CD not having anything that you NEED to have on it. It has a users guide, and a wmp10 install, but thats about it.

If you turn the player to msc mode and plug it into the mac and its not detected, but you connect it to your XP machine and it works, then its something on the vista. It doesn’t have the needed drivers to recognize the device.

Same thing goes when connecting it in auto-detect mode, it should show up automaticly. although in most cases, it doesnt. Vista has driver issues and there are some steps you can try to remedy this issue. Ill surf around and see if i find those steps i once ran into, although i cant be 100% positive that its going to work.

Edit: found this, try what he suggest in this thread

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Make sure that you have an WMP10 or 11 if your using MTP mode

Your MP3 player doesnt need a driver to recognized by vista maybe there might be corruption that happened while its being detected by your PC. Try to check device manager then look for universal serial bus controllers. Check if there is an exclamation point. If there is then right click on it then unistall. Then try to replug your mp3 player.