Is there a Vista update to the small CD that came with my new m250? I’ve already see a response to a similar message saying that what’s on the CD is not need, but I’d like it to be MY decision. Vista has been out long enough such that the included CD should work with Vista or a Vista update to it should be available

Thanks in advance

Abb N


You’re talking about a product that has probably been sitting on the shelves for years. Its not like SanDisk takes back the products that are already in the stores and replaces the CD’s. The m200 series mp3 player is SanDisks 4th generation mp3 player, they are currently about 11 mp3 players that sandisk has made. So the way it was sent out when no Vista existed, is the same way it sits now. So although you just purchased the unit, it was probably on the stores shelf for quite a bit.

Anyhow, I digress.

Any mp3 player you purchase(that isn’t ipod) will use either MSC(mass storage class, works like a flash drive) and MTP / Plays for sure mode(computer will see it as an audio device, mostly needed for licensing and music you purchase on the web)

Computers use what’s referred to as “drivers” to recognize devices, such as printers, monitors, cameras, mp3 players, etc.

The drivers for MSC and MTP modes are suppose to be pre-loaded on any XP or Vista machine. As those drivers are property of Microsoft, SanDisk cant just put it on a CD and distribute it freely(without getting into legal matters) unfortunately, Vista has 101 driver issues and has become a bigger problem then most of us would like. SanDisk, as well as the people of this and other forums, have come up with various ways to install the drivers manually if need be.

So the only thing on the m200 CD’s that a user might consider useful, is the users guide(which can be found online) and an installation of WMP10(although most us have 10 or 11 at this point anyway.)

Thanks for your reply.

It seem that the only way I can get files into my unit is to sync them with WMP 11. I tried drag and drop but that doesn’t seem to work. In Windows Explorer under Computers there’s “Sansa m250” but all it shows how much space is being used. Is there a trick to being able to simply drag & drop. This ability to drag and drop is one of the reasons I didn’t buy an Apple because I didn’t want to go through iTunes and I really don’t want to go through WMP either - I simply prefer to drag and drop - my son has an old Radio Shack one that works thos way via  Windows Explorer. Mind you, he’s running Indows XP whereas I’m running Vista…

Mayn thanks in advance…again


There isnt really a trick to it. You should be able to double click on the device and drag and drop your music to your hearts content. Check out the videos on the link below to see how to do it, or give sandisk a call… they should be able to walk you through it.

with WMP 11 installed you will have to double click the portable device then double click the internal memory. you should then see the music folder. you can drag you music in there.

you could always just switch the player to MSC mode and use it that way as well.