Hidden (Embedded) Tracks: How do i dump them?

When i initially got my FUZE there were preloaded tracks that don’t show up when I load up the device on the desktop (Finder/Mac OSX).  I’ve tried revealing all the hidden files to no avail.  I eventually had to go through track by track and dump them but i’m sure the album art is still on there, which are hidden too. Has anybody found where these might be?  I can terminal in but didn’t want to break anything.  Also, when i updated my firmware, that also put new tracks in my fuze that I didn’t add.  They were also hidden.  Any ideas?   Thanks.

The fuze does not have any embedded tracks. There is however preloaded content on the mp3 player. This content will be located in the system folder. The easiest way to get rid of this content would be to go into the Settings -> System settings -> Format. Take into consideration that formatting will erase everything on the player and you will have to reload your content.

Suppose we want to keep Some of the preloaded tracks, and dump the rest… Couldnt we just go track by track, and delete that which we didnt want?

Also, do all the Fuze models come with the same preloaded tracks, or, would my 8gb Fuze have more preload than the 2gb Fuze… What is the approx. amount of space consumed by the preloaded tracks on the 8gb Fuze? 

Tracks are found when you connect in MTP mode.  Since you are using a MAC you cant do that.

Your solution is circuitous.  Connect to a friends PC in MTP mode.

Copy all the content to the PC.  Reformat the player, unplug and set MSC mode.

Connect the player to the PC in MSC mode.  Copy the content you want to Keep to the player.

Delete the content from the PC if you want to .

Connect to your MAC,  and you can do what you want with the content.