Unknown Song

I am a mac user, and I recently purchased a Sansa Fuze.  I loaded music onto the Fuze and later updated the firmware to version 2.01.17.  Since updating the firmware, the music on my fuze (exclusive of the micro SD card, which I removed before updating the firmware) appears as unknown track.  Right below the unknown track is a version of the song with the title and artist.  How can I remove the unknown tracks from my device or otherwise add the title and artist to the track?

Easiest way is delete the file.  

How exactly do I delete the files?  Every time I click on an unknown song (on the Fuze) it jumps to the next song.  I don’t see the songs when I plug the Fuze into my mac (in msc mode).  Any assistance you can provide would be most appreciated!

Format and reload all.

Can you click the menu button on that song to get the info, or delete it on the Fuze?

No.  I’m unable to do so.  I reformatted the Fuze and reloaded the songs; however, it’s doing the same thing again.  While the songs appear on the Fuze, there’s an alternative version listed as unknown.

You’ll have to delete the ‘ghost files’ via your mac. It’s the one that wrote them in the 1st place.

This kinda explains the yin & yang of the Sansa/Mac relationship.

I was able to delete the “ghost?” files through MuCommander.  I has downloaded to download the program (which is free), and it enabled me to look into the embedded files on my Sansa Fuze.