Report from new Mac User

I just wanted to report in on my experience with a Fuze on my Mac [OS 10.4].  I wanted to use it primarily for photos, with music files as a bonus and FM and voice recorder as bonus bonus!

Target had a great sale on a black 4G Fuze for $60; I snapped it up.  It was a Version 1 device [likely being closed out], but I was fine with that.  I promptly set it to MSC mode, saw the Fuze on my desktop, exported some picture files from iPhoto in jpeg @ 660 X xxx resolution, renamed the pics so I knew what they were, and put them right in the Photos folder.  Success!!! 

Full of confidence, I downloaded and installed the firmware update.  Next time I hooked up, the Fuze didn’t show up on the desktop.  I ended up Restarting with the Fuze connected and it found it.  I have a hunch I just didn’t wait long enough for it to show up on the desktop after the update.  Anyway, all was OK again and I loaded more pics.  I was able to load music files without problem using KopyMac to do the actual transfer to avoid duplicate files showing up in the list. 

All in all, I am very pleased with my choice, and thanks to this board and individuals for leading me through this.

I would like to get rid of the photos and music that are preloaded on the Fuze.  Can I do that?  I don’t see those files in Photos or Music?  Am I just missing them somehow?  Or do I need to be able to run the Sansa PC media software to move and eliminate those?

Thanks again.

All the sample files, whether they be music, photos or videos are put on in MTP mode. Which explains why you can’t find or see them when you are connected in MSC.

But that also means you will most likely need to connect to a Windows machine in order to see and delete them as Macs & MTP are like oil & water; they don’t mix. :wink:

you can also use the format function in the settings menu to erase all the files. you will have to reload all your music though.


I too am a new Fuze owner (also from Target) and a somewhat new Mac User.  Just thought I would compare some notes with you.

I decided to use KopyMac because I was getting some noise in my audiobooks and I couldn’t delete them.  I can now delete them, but only in chapters, not the whole book.  Also, it leaves the header of the book on the Fuze, but at least I can tell which book I listened to so I can completely delete it.  I listen to so many books that it gets confusing which ones I listened too.  Anyway, so I will continue to use KopyMac because I haven’t heard any noises.  Just thought you might want to know in case you start to hear clicks, noises, etc. you may want to use KopyMac.  It isn’t that hard to use once you use it for the first time.

The other thing you were talking about is for putting videos on the Fuze.  Unfortunately I haven’t figured that out for the Mac.  I am not getting any info on that.  It just would be nice to put some videos on.

I also deleted the preloaded stuff immediately, so didn’t have that problem.  I do leave it on MSC and have no problems drag and dropping the audiobooks, and music.

I have been very happy with it for audiobooks and music.  It stops where you left off on your book even when you plug it into the computer.  My old player wouldn’t do that (Pilot) it would clear everything!  SO that is good news for audiobook listeners.  It leaves off where you listened in many books, so you can listen to several at a time.  It can be done.