mac duplicate song help

Hi, I just got a 2 GB sansa fuse and its great but I have one problem. When I upload songs by dragging them to the music folder from either Itunes or from where I have my songs on my hard drive duplicates of each songs are created. The duplicates only show up in the fuzes menu not in the fuzes music folder. I tried changing the ID tags to versions 2.1-2.4 and it always happens. Any help wold be appreciated. 

Thanks, kevin 

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I think you have to go into terminal and use the command to show hidden files  and you should be able to see these extra files that were created and remove them. I do not know the command right of hand  but you and google  the term  hidden files mac and you should be able to find it.

Thanks for the help but unfortunately that didn’t work. I think it has something to do with how itunes labels the music files so Im gonna try and burn all my songs to CD’S and rip them in to windows media player or some other program…  :cry:


When you drag an mp3 file (lets call it myfile.mp3) from a Mac onto the Fuse, you will find that for each myfile.mp3 file dragged into the music folder a second file called ._myfile.mp3 is also in the Fuze player index when you disconnect it from the computer .  This is created when the Mac copies a file onto a non-Mac formatted volume and is a consequence of the way Mac files are constructed with data and resource forks.  The ._myfile file is the resource part, is small and can be ignored or you can delete it in the Fuze as though it is just another song - it just looks messy.   My own solution is to first of all copy the mp3 files I want to transfer (as a batch) onto a memory stick (where the unwanted files will also be created - the Mac sees both Fuze and Memory stick as similar storage devices).  I then take the memory stick to a friend’s house where there is a PC, and it is a matter of seconds to delete all the unwanted ._myfile.mp3 files.  Now I connect the Fuze to my mac, connect the memory stick to another USB port, and copy the mp3 files directly from the memory stick into the music folder on the Fuze.  Result - no unwanted files on the Fuze.

I run Mc OS  X 10.4.11